McCain: Dead Man Walking

Following a recent major shake up of his campaign, Senator John McCain has said that nothing will stop him from dropping out of the race for president short of a terminal illness. While the seventy year old Senator (he turns seventy-one this year) may seem as fit as a fiddle, his campaign may itself be suffering from a “terminal illness”.

Following predictions that McCain would soon leave the race I disagreed, saying that McCain was one tough SOB who will walk from one stump speech to the next before giving in.

Indeed it’s true, his conviction for taking the party nomination and the White House is strong, but this can’t change the fact that things are falling, and falling fast. In the most recent development, Russ Schriefer and Stuart Stevens, key media players in the McCain camp, have just resigned.

The significance of this could hardly be missed. The duo who had been instrumental in Bush’s ad spots during the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, have left seemingly as a result of not being paid for their services, pointing to the campaign’s inability to raise and keep money. Further, their resignations and the fiscal problems that serve as the driving force behind those resignations will cause severe complications in tv ad buys in early voting states, perhaps John McCain’s last real hope of keeping his bid for the Oval Office alive.

The shot of it is simple. McCain’s still alive, but his campaign is not; it is in a coma. The one time Maverick and conductor of the Straight Talk Express is essentially dead in the water, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Note: I’ve personally got mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I am somewhat saddened by this. Sure, McCain panders and fluffs just like any politician, but even after the previous seven years where his integrity has seemingly taken some strong hits, he still in my opinion is head and shoulders above the rest of the higher tiered candidates in terms of honesty and principle. After all the bad things I’ve written and the personal disagreements I have with him, I still respect him a great deal, and think that his party has unduly turned their back on him. So I find his decline sad.

On the other hand, while people sit and wonder who would be the biggest threat to a Democrat in the General Election, the one that really left a question mark in my mind was in fact McCain. Romney is a gross flip flopper, Thompson’s got enough dirty laundry to throw some severe stink on his campaign, and well… Rudy… we all know how I am about Rudy. But I think McCain would be surprisingly competitive in a General Election, and so now that his end is an inevitability, I can’t help breathe a small sigh of relief.

Now to get rid of the rest of the yahoos.

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