Real Balls A Real Mystery

Last Saturday for our “Something Light” weekly feature, I posted an ad sent to me by Comments reader, Carlton Petit. The amateur ad features a white male, young, driving a car and musing about the Republican choices for president. Through his thick New York accent, he engages in a long diatribe that drops politically incorrect epithets on all the major Republican candidates resulting in a humorous minute and some change.

The initial thought is that this is just another one of those viral political humor clips that is engaging in some lighthearted ribbing, but some investigation between Carlton and Arlen Parsa of the Daily Background has dug up perhaps something a little more.

It would seem that much of the circumstancial evidence may in fact have the creation of the clip pointing to Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign. This comes as something of a shock to me because while I’m not overly fond of McCain, I respect him, and find the “ad” to be almost completely antithetical to McCain as a man, and towards his campaign style.

But it’s possible, and if true would be indicative of even MORE problems within the wildly flailing McCain camp. Underfunded, and dropping like a lead weight off the Empire State Building, an ad like this points to a severe discipline deficit within the remaining ranks of McCain’s election machine.

The bigger story is simply this. Central to any hope that McCain has at election is the man’s integrity. It is his job to paint a picture of resolve, to be tough without being mean or dirty, to stand by what he believes despite popular opinion. Despite being notably conservative, McCain has had the honor of winning respect and friendship on both a personal and professional level from liberal standard bearers such as Al Franken, Paul Wellstone, and John Kerry. This has been accomplished through his characteristic Maverick persona. His straight talk express has earned him that highly sought after status as being a man who is principled, but respected by opponents for his intellectual honesty and ability to respect those with whom he disagrees.

There is an authenticity about him that would allow him to succeed where so many of his more rabid conservative colleagues would fail.

But to be effectively linked to that would put into severe jeopardy all of this. There could be no reconcilliation between the Straight Talk Express, and a man who engages in stealth political attacks not even for his own gain, but to result in the loss of approval of his rivals.

In short, it would tear asunder what positive image he has left, and is therefore is high risk for low benefit pointing to a campaign that is both unwise and undisciplined.

And yet, this is all still circumstancial. It is highly possible that this is nothing more than what it appears to be; a rogue clip produced by some folks with both will and means, and meant to go viral like so many other mini movies. It is also possible that it is attached to another campaign.

It’s possible it is a Giuliani spot, slipped in under the radar and enjoying the benefits of the fingerprint free quality of the internet. Another theory of mine is that it is possibly from Thompson’s camp, matching his sardonic wit and flare for production, and the fact that the lady who produced it lives in the same region as Thompson himself.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain, the internet’s ability to influence and play in the political sphere is here to stay, and growing at a viral rate.

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