Rep. Inslee To Take First Step In Gonzo Impeachment

Alberto Gonzales is someone I do not want to be right now. Of course, this all goes without saying if I were Gonzo, I would probably have resigned ages ago, I’m not dumb. The Senate has done more than giving Gonzo a courtesy warning shot across the brow; they’ve been putting up neon signs that read, “You should really resign before something bad happens.”

Given the rabid pitbull nature sometimes adopted by the legislative branch, I think the early signs would have been enough. And in case I was being particularly thick, maybe hearing Arlen Specter muse that he thinks I’ll resign before his colleagues vote on a “no-confidence” measure, I would probably choose then to start realizing that maybe my future no longer coincided with running the Department of Justice.

But oh no, not our man Gonzo. Instead of having a much wiser me in his shoes, he’s in his own, and it’s not working particularly well for him. Last week it was announced that the Senate would be pushing for a special investigation to decide whether or not the drowning Attorney General had committed perjury. This week, the House is going to look into finally forcing an end to this freak show by impeaching the guy.

Courtesy Think Progress, Congressman Jay Inslee will introduce legislation tomorrow for the House to investigate whether or not it’s time to impeach.

I think I need waste little space and time to tell you what side of that particular fence I fall on. The man most likely perjured himself, has zero credibility, has championed programs that are disturbingly dangerous towards our civil liberties, and has lost support of the men and women who serve under him. Further, his conduct in the Senate has result in one indellible effect that we will see should he manage to dodge both impeachment and criminal perjury charges; he will essentially be stonewalled by the senate on just about anything and everything. In other words, his continued employment as the head of the Department of Justice will result in all members of the DoJ being punished on his account.

But then, this pretty much falls in line with what appears to be the Bush administration’s credo, “We believe in accountability, so long as we aren’t being held to account.” At this point, it’s pretty obvious, Gonzo must be forced from office. He won’t leave voluntarily, no matter how many people suffer as a result.

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