Representative Sheehan?

I just caught this headline while browsing the news this morning; Sheehan Threatens to Run Against Pelosi. Having not seen the numbers on Speaker Pelosi’s district I can’t say for certain but my guess is that she is not shaking in her Manolo Blahnik’s.

I am trying to catch up from a week’s vacation so I will give it some analysis later.

Now that I have a moment there are a few things to say here. First off, Ms. Sheehan is half right in her reasoning behind this threat. In the WAPO article linked above she starts off by saying something that rings true with many citizens regardless of their political leanings. [all emphasis is mine]

“I think all politicians should be held accountable,” Sheehan told The Associated Press on Sunday. “Democrats and Americans feel betrayed by the Democratic leadership. We hired them to bring an end to the war.”

There is no doubt politicians should be held accountable, and she certainly has the right to run against one she feels is not serving the needs of her constituency. That being said, the article goes further by laying out the following ultimatum which is conspicuously lacking quotes.

Sheehan said she will run as an independent against the San Francisco Democrat in 2008 if Pelosi does not file articles of impeachment against Bush by July 23.

So which is it? She is going to run if Pelosi does not end the war or she is going to run if she does not file articles of impeachment? Neither of which can realistically be achieved in the next weeks I might add.

Look, I know how badly some people want to see Bush and Co. impeached. There is no doubt in my mind that their actions could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt (a threshold that does not need to be met in an impeachment by the way) to have met the criterion of high crimes or misdemeanors. That being said, I think the impeachment option is simply a monumental waste of everyone’s time and energy regardless of whether it is warranted.

Sheehan knows this and her supporters in the anti-war community should also know this – if they don’t they are simply naive.

Forgetting about the stated reasoning though I have one final thing to say about Sheehan’s threat. Go for it! The worst thing that could come of an independent run is that she will force the Speaker to explain her seemingly impotent actions over the past seven months. If she can’t pass the smell test and Sheehan can rally support, San Francisco get’s a passionate, if not politically seasoned (or spoiled depending how you look at it) representative.

It will certainly be worth watching.

For some further analysis of this one head over to our friends at The Blue State & Michael P.F. van der Galiƫn.

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