Rove In The Sights Again

No, Fitzgerald hasn’t come back for an encore, this time it’s Senator Patrick Leahy who is attempting to put Bush’s most trusted political advisor in the hot seat. Earlier today, Leahy, after consulting with his Republican counterpart Senator Arlen Spector, has opted to issue a subpoena to both Karl Rove and to White House aide Scott Jennings.

Leahy’s statements regarding the matter seem particularly poignant.

“The evidence shows that senior White House political operatives were focused on the political impact of federal prosecutions and whether federal prosecutors were doing enough to bring partisan voter fraud and corruption cases. It is obvious that the reasons given for the firings of these prosecutors were contrived as part of a cover-up and that the stonewalling by the White House is part and parcel of that same effort.

The Bush-Cheney White House continues to place great strains on our constitutional system of checks and balances. Not since the darkest days of the Nixon administration have we seen efforts to corrupt federal law enforcement for partisan political gain and such efforts to avoid accountability.”

Rove would have to appear before Congress within a week to testify under oath. Not that anyone thinks he will, and if you honestly believe so, shame on you for not paying even the most cursory attention to current events. But what I do find interesting is that in regards to Rove and Jennings, we already have a dry run in the works.

Not long ago, Congress issued subpoenas to Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton regarding the same issue, the politically motivated firings of US Attorneys. But after hardcore stonewalling from the White House, Congress finally got fed up and issued a citation of contempt for the former Bush aides. Their fate, it would seem, would be a near perfect prognostication of what Rove and Jennings have in store.

But one should not underestimate the cunning and devious ways of this administration, so I should point out that there is a difference between the two cases. In the case of Miers and Bolton, they were former aides while Rove’s still got his job. How this could affect things, I’ve no idea, but look for the White House to use this to try and pivot their way free from accountability should things with Miers and Bolton not go their way.

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