Sad, Stupid, But True

Politics is one of those strange animals wherein often times, no matter how right something is, you just can’t say it, you shouldn’t say it, and to actually say it or act upon it would be wrong.

A GREAT example of this is when Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were unfortunately caught by Fox News microphones conversing over the fact that the Democratic debate field needed to be narrowed. Given the fact that these were FOX microphones, there’s a possibility that all this stuff was taken out of context, but I find it unlikely.

And I will admit it’s kind of sad. Our party, my party, you know we pride ourselves on opening the floor up to dissenting opinions, and letting people speak up and be individuals. It’s a basic Democratic principle, we’re not all alike, and we sacrifice a lot of political power in the name of this principle. Up until very recently, the GOP has not operated as a party of individuals, but instead as an efficient machine, flocking together time and again on virtually every issue, politically blowing out of the water the more cautious and contentious Democratic party.

So in a perfect world, I’ve no doubt in my mind that many Democrats would like to see ALL the candidates on stage at every debate duking it out with the front runners. Sadly, this just isn’t feasible.

The problem is that the average debate is only an hour and a half long, occasionally two hours, and yet we have a field of 8 contenders. That means in an hour and a half long debate, assuming the moderator does not take any time at all, each candidate only gets 11.25 minutes total camera time.

In a two hour debate, the pickings only get slightly better at fifteen.

Throw in a moderator, and each candidate is lucky to come out with better than eight minutes of camera time, and this is simply just not conducive to picking our standard bearer for the general election for President of the United States.

The fact is that these guys need more time, more time to get their policies out there, more time to meet the voters, and if we are lucky to get another debate like CNN’s last, more time to actually do a little head to head debating and duking it out. In essence, the lesser candidates, the candidates that have no shot whatsoever, they are adding very little, and robbing time from those who actually have a shot at winning the nomination.

I mean really. Who can look at Gravel, and his overall behavior at the previous debates and honestly tell themselves he’s really running for president? He’s a grumpy old man whose trying to speak truth to power but more often than not comes off as tilting at windmills… allbeit very fiercely.

Dennis Kucinich isn’t nearly as bad, but here’s the thing, I think he’s too liberal for me to want him to be president. Not that I don’t agree with him, but if you get someone that far off to the left, he’s not going to get anything done. He would be hamstrung by the GOP minority, and heaven forbid he should have to contend with a Republican majority through his term.

So yes, we do need to shed some of these candidates, I agree completely. It’s just an incredibly dumb thing for two frontrunners to get caught saying politically.

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