Oh yes, we are so much safer now that the Commander Guy has had his way with foreign policy for the past six years. No, really, I’m feeling so much safer I think I’m going to keel over with fri…er… safe feelings. Yeah, that’s the ticket, and there are absolutely no paradoxes surrounding the news that al Qaeda’s back in America, and the National Intelligence Director is worried about sleeper cells. I mean, if this isn’t a recipy for sleeping better at night, I have no idea what is (except maybe a six pack and some actifed).

Okay, so let me get this straight, we allow numerous encroachments on our civil liberties in order to make us safer, including but not limited to being wiretapped without a warrant approved by the courts, we invade a country that had nothing to do with these islamic extremist terrorists, we fail to catch the mastermind of the single largest terrorist attack on our soil and… somehow, after all this, after the Republican party has made it the single largest plank in their platform that they know national security, that they know how to keep us safe from terrorists, al Qaeda’s in America?

That’s it, I just lost all faith in the president.

Okay, so that was a joke, I never had faith in the president, you got me. But seriously folks, as I sit here, and we’re putting the puzzle pieces together on a daily basis, we bloggers, as we sit here putting them together, one hopes to be able to connect the dots. And it’s not for just this president either.

By now you would have to have to be deaf, dumb, and incapable of processing new information in a meaningful manner not to know at least some inkling of the incompetence with which the current president has run this country.

But what about the next guy? Rudy Giuliani, who, according to his speech during the 2004 Republican National Convention, grabbed Bernie Kerik’s arm and said, “Thank God Bush is our president”, has made terrorism and national security the single biggest part of his campaign. Vote for Rudy, Democrats will only “put us back on defense” in the War on Terror. Now would be when a lesser blogger would bring out some sports cliche, like “Defense wins Superbowls!” but I have far too much respect for you, dear reader to do such a thing.

Instead, I just wanted to point one thing out. If Republicans have us on offense, and that’s how you win Super Bowls… er… um… fight terrorism, why is al Qaeda back in America? Why has terrorism increased world wide? Why is there now an Islamic extremist terrorism group, al Qaeda in Iraq, where there was not one before? Why have more Americans died or been injured since 911 in the Middle East than those who have died on that day?

Why should we vote for anyone who actually thinks the Bush policy of fighting terror makes any damn sense?

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