Something Light For A Saturday Night: I Have Returned

After three weeks of Hell, I am pleased to announce that come 8:30 Monday morning, I will be returning to my normal schedule, so get your ticker tape ready, and I will be autographing various body parts.

And kicking things off I’ll be reviewing a movie I had the distinct pleasure of getting an advanced screener for. In preparation of this, I offer to you a quick trailor to get your appetite wetted. You’ll get the rest of the goods monday morning:

And now for our musical selection, I got three songs for you, and you know the goal here is fun. The first is an older song that has always been one of my personal favorites. The band name is Poe, and the song, Hey Pretty, actually has a pretty interesting back story to it. Most of the song is spoken word. Interestingly enough, those passages come from perhaps one of the most intringuing and entertaining novels of contemporary times, The House Of Leaves. As it turns out, the man who is actually doing the talking is not only the author of the book, but the brother of the singer for Poe. At the time he was writing the book, she had taken her band and did an entire concept cd based on it, Haunted.

As for the video, it is so hard to find an actual video of this “mix” (there’s another version of the song with different lyrics that are sung), so I was pretty happy to find this. A photographer had simply run a slideshow of his photos over the song, and it works surprisingly well. So without further ado:

Next up, coming from the UK, we have The Kooks, whose song Naive is the kind of song that you just can’t stay still for.

And finally, I had a hard time picking the last one for this week. There are two videos I’ve been dying to post for AGES, and it became a toss up between my own predilictions towards EMOness, or what some music snobs coin as the greatest music video of all time. Since we’re here for fun, though, I think the latter wins out as it’s infectious as hell, and good clean fun. As a result, I proudly present The Avalanches with their hit, Frontier Psychiatrist:

That’s it from me for this week. Take care of yourselves, and be here bright and early tomorrow when I make my triumphant return to regularly scheduled blogging… AND THE DEBATES! Don’t forget tomorrow night, we got a debate we’ll be liveblogging (assuming catastrophe doesn’t happen, as we always do!). Take care!

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