Something Light For A Saturday Night: The Almighty Male Genitalia

Well, sometime within the last forty eight hours, our refrigerator decided it didn’t want to work anymore, so I’ll be spending most this weekend dealing with that tragedy. So while I’m off cleaning the house and stuffing food into a cooler with ice, you guys get to enjoy entertainment carefully selected by yours truly!

First up is a clip brought to my attention by reader Carlson via email. It’s a mysterious Rudy Giuliani campaign ad that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. The message? Rudy should be mayor because he’s lucky, and has balls. (thx Wonkette!)

And now for your musical selection of the week. Say Anything is not a band that I’m particularly familiar with but their song “Wow, I can get sexual too,” is infectious, funny, and in a round about way pays hommage to the almighty penis. Do you hear me? NOTHING DEFEATS THE PENIS!!!!

Alright, yall have a good weekend now.

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