Something Light, Mikey’s Sunday Version – Flight of the Conchords

Will somebody please
remove these
from my knees
-Jermaine, Flight of the Conchords

All the attention paid to the final episode of the Sopranos has had the unfortunate effect of overshadowing the launch of some excellent new original programming from HBO. Big Love and John from Cincinnati are both excellent programs worthy of a future review, but I am not here to talk about them today. The show that has me both laughing out loud and tapping my foot at the same time is none other than the musical comedy Flight of the Conchords, a show that centers on the pathetic existence of Brett and Jermaine, two Kiwi’s who have settled in New York City’s China Town to pursue a career in music.

Without further adieu CFLF brings you two musical selections from episode 3, “Mugged.”

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros

Think About It

UPDATE: I just found one more excellent video from episode 1, “Sally.”

Looking at the room
I can tell that you
Are the most beautiful girl, in the room

And when your on the street
Depending on the street
I bet you are definitely, in the top three
-Jermaine, Flight of the Conchords

Part-Time Model

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