Sullivan, Hillary and Me

I was first introduced to Andrew Sullivan as then editor of my former favorite political journal, The New Republic. Sullivan has no responsibility for my falling out of love with TNR, it actually occurred around the time shortly after the 2000 (s)election when the publication took a drastic turn to the right, thus ending TNR’s dominating spot in my magazine rack.

When Sullivan resurfaced as a blogger I was compelled to send my cursor his way on a regular basis. It is not that I always agree with him – his opinions are most often in opposition to mine – but rather something, well, different. It is hard to describe but I feel like I am watching him evolve before my eyes. Not in the literal sense of course. He is certainly plenty Evolved in the big E sense. No, I mean his opinions, philosophy, and words – while having remained conservative/libertarian – have changed and flowed in an honest and human way.

Maybe it is something in me and not him. I can’t say. You see, as a writer I have always felt handcuffed by the fear that I would not express my thoughts precisely enough. This fear stems back from one experience that I can recall.

In the 11th grade I wrote a short story for a creative writing course that, at the time, I felt was excellent. The instructor, a man who I greatly respect to this day, gave the paper an A.

I felt good.

Five years later as an undergrad, while struggling through a challenging feature article writing class, I pulled out that old short story and reread it.

It was God awful.

Now maybe I was being a bit harsh on myself but the truth of the matter is this story that had given me hope as a burgeoning writer, a story that had played a transformational role in my life, was sorely lacking and this freaked me out, causing me to question every word I wrote from that moment to this very day.

So, I guess the reason above all else that I frequent Andrew Sullivan’s site is that he exhibits a quality in his writing that inspires me. Whether it is his honesty, skill or lack of fear I don’t know but I like it, agree with him or not.

As a result, I found myself again today reading through the posts at The Daily Dish and came across one that just caught my eye. Now, after all the praise I just gave Sullivan for his work the appeal of this post, two posts actually, has nothing to do with him and everything to do with his readers. I am amazed to say this but I am both pleasantly surprised by and in agreement with these two posts; Conservatives for Hillary? and Conservatives for Hillary, Ctd. My only question is, could we be calling people Hillary Republicans 20 years from now?

(Note to the reader: that was by far the – Longest – Lead – EVER. Sorry, it won’t happen again.)

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