UNMOVIC Gets the Plame Treatment

As you should all know by now, when Joe Wilson decided to do the right thing and call our the administration on their WMD lie, the administration chose to destroy him. So it should be no surprise that the other entity that tried to bring to light the those same lies should receive the same treatment.

The most successful international team ever assembled to probe suspected WMD activities is shutting down this week—thanks to U.S. and British insistence. The team (the U.N. commission initially acronymed UNSCOM and then UNMOVIC) spent 16 years uncovering and destroying Saddam Hussein’s chemical, biological and missile weapons programs. The U.S. invasion of Iraq proved that the U.N.’s intel—overruled by the Bush administration—had indeed been correct: Saddam no longer had WMD. But late last month, the U.S. and British governments pushed through the U.N. Security Council a vote to halt funding for UNMOVIC.

The Bush administration has never concealed its distrust of the U.N. and its agencies. “The administration didn’t want an international agency able to challenge the U.S. government,” says Joseph Cirincione, head of nuclear-policy research at the Center for American Progress in Washington, who has advocated keeping the unit.

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