Vick Indicted

NFL star quarterback Michael Vick has just been indicted for his involvement in a dogfighting organization investigators say he is the ringleader of. Of all news organizations, ESPN’s website has a great breakdown, lending an almost Maddon-esque quality in explaining the charges, the facts, and their implications.

You know, a lot of people out there have a bitter taste in their mouths in regards to animal rights, and more specifically animal rights activism. After actions of the more extreme arms of PETA and even more radical activists, I suppose I can understand why, but let’s not let this get muddled up with that.

The actions that have ultimately led up to these charges are thoroughly heinous. Dogs were trained and tested, and if they failed the test, thoroughly inhumane methods were deployed to “dispose” of the lacking animals. Drowning, beating to death, shooting, and eloctrocuting among were among the methods used, and despite all of this, after looking at footage and pictures of dogs who have survived both the training program and the dogfights themselves, one almost wonders if the failures got off lucky.

This picture, above the others that I have seen, makes me sick to my stomach.

In regards to this development, I really only have two hopes. One is that all of those who are responsible for this are convicted and punished to the full extent of the law. The other is that I don’t have to get on my soapbox and explain how very wrong this type of behavior is.

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