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First morning back to the normal rigors of blogdom, so after dragging myself out of bed long enough to see my wife and daughters off on their way, I crawled my way back to my computer screen, slumped into my chair, and did what I always do.

Checking up on memeorandum, something hit me like a slap in the face, a headline: “KILLITARY: Lefties Dropping the Fiction of ‘Supporting the Troops'”

Understandably, I was shaken. Had I really been out of the game that long? Since when did we stop supporting the troops? And then, at what point did we decide to drop the fiction of doing so?

Because, dear readers, for us to drop the fiction of supporting the troops, it has to be fiction first, which wasn’t true, right? Right? I mean I got a pretty unassailable record on supporting the troops because I think it’s the right thing to do. They’re doing their job, and doing it honorably and admirably and making the best of one severely screwed up situation.

I support the troops because one of the sadder lessons I think we learned from Vietnam was that they don’t deserve to be the targets of anti-war ire. That was one of just many mistakes of that other war.

So, last I checked I was pretty sure we Lefties were pro-troops, if not necessarily pro-military, or pro-war.

And so I clicked on the headline, and of course it was merely a little more bait and switch by those folks over at Little Green Footballs. Not once are we privy to any kind of logic between what apparently was a Daily Kos’ Diarist post and the entire lefty blogosphere. Nope.

And the rapid deletion of the post obviously was a result of Kos not wanting anyone peaking up his skirt and finding the little anti-troop monster there.

The origin post is by now deleted, and all anyone seems capable to put up are snippets. LGF puts up the smallest smattering, and somehow uses that to call into question Kos’ integrity, and then by association, all of us on the left are held to account in the title. Ace of Spades shows us a little more leg, but still not the Full Monty.

From the snippet at Ace HQ, it does sound like Ace has one bit right, “Incidentally, given the millions upon millions upon millions of young (and not so young) men who’ve served in the military in the past 50 years, it’s hardly surprising to find serial killers among them. And drug dealers. And hit men. And rapists. And gentleman cat-burglar jewel-thieves, even.”

Laws of statistics do demand that there are gonna be some bad apples in the bunch. Usually the military tries to weed these folks out before they make it through basic training, but as we learned from The Adams Family movie, serial killers can “look just like anyone else.”

Still, I would have issue passing judgement on something that I couldn’t provide in full. It looks like in the snippet provided by Ace the author was about to explore some medical studies. I kinda would have liked to have read those. Perhaps I would have interpreted the results differently than the author, perhaps not.

But the original point is this. LGF, you wanna call Kos out, that’s fine by me. Personally, I don’t even read the cat and couldn’t care less. But don’t take any little thing and then try and spread its apparent stink on the rest of us. It’s rather crass.

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