You Mean There’s More?

By now you should all remember the astonishing testimony given by John Ashcroft’s deputy AG not too long ago. James Comey was acting as Attorney General due to the fact that John Ashcroft was hospitalized for galbladder surgery.

At about this time, the administration was attempting to get the DoJ to sign off on the legality of its warrantless wiretapping program, but they had hit a roadblock when they met up with Comey; he would not sign. This prompted the now infamous midnight run on Ashcroft’s bed that was intended to get the ailing Attorney General to sign off on the program despite his hospitalized stupor.

But… wait a minute. As Think Progress has stumbled upon, this is in direct conflict with testimony that the current, flailing, Attorney General has already given congress. When first questioned about this, Alberto Gonzales had said that, “There has been no serious disagreement about the program.”

Um, running up on Ashcroft’s hospital room, Soprano’s style, and still coming up empty sounds kinda like a serious disagreement. And enacting the law without the DoJ’s go ahead sounds even more serious to me. When Senator Arlen Specter calls Gonzo on the carpet about this apparent inconsistancy, the reply is:

GONZALES: The disagreement that occurred was about other intelligence activities and the reason for the visit to the hospital was about other intelligence activities. It was not about the terrorist surveillance program that the president announced to the american people

Now, the bold was added for emphasis, as in WHAT OTHER INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES?! YOU MEAN THERE’S MORE?

Arlen’s skeptical, and for good reason, I think Gonzo’s believability has reached lows so disgraceful that if he were to say the sky was blue I wouldn’t be overly shocked if it started turning Chartreuse before my eyes. But if Gonzo’s not just trying to save his own skin, and there really are other intelligence activites, I want to know what they are, and how awful can they be to be the cause for the dramatic scene?

Okay, forget wanting Gonzo to be fired, I am quickly getting to the point where I would really like to see him jailed. Gitmo would be nicely poetic, doncha think?

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