YouTube/CNN Debate Tonight

Well, my three weeks of hell are ending, and what better way to kick off my return than with a Democratic Debate?

7 pm tonight, CNN in partnership with YouTube will be hosting a “User Generated Content” debate where the questions being posed to the candidates will not come from journalists, but from regular every day Joes and Janes.

As usual, we’ll be hosting our liveblogging event right here. About thirty minutes prior to, I’ll put up the post, and the actual commentary will take place in the comments section meaning that everyone is welcome to join us and chip in their two cents… even more if you got it.

Our friend Alicia of Last Left Before Hooterville has already confirmed she’ll be here, and I’m hoping for a couple other friends to join the fray. As for me personally, I can’t make any guarantees, Youtube is firewalled on this computer, so if CNN doesn’t have it’s own webcast, I’ll be out of luck.

But aside from that little hiccup, we look set for a great debate and liveblogging event, so hopefully yall will come and join us!

Look forward to seeing you there!

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