Sticks and Stones

When I read the headline of E.J. Dionne’s latest WAPO article, Why the Democrats Caved, I expected to find some missing piece of information to make me feel better about last weekends cowardly vote. Sadly, all I found was confirmation of what I already knew, the Democrats in Congress were scared shitless.

Rather than stay in Washington long enough to force the President to accept a reasonable bill, the fear of being labeled soft caused them to fold under pressure.

Democrats concede they made an enormous tactical blunder by not dealing with the issue earlier, forcing the question to the fore in the days before the recess. One anxiety hovered over the debate: If a terrorist attack happened and Congress had not given Bush what he wanted, the Democrats would get blamed for a lack of vigilance.

That’s right folks, sticks and stones will break your bones but names destroy democracies.

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