A Mid-Day Dose of Reality

I am sure this is not unusual to those of you in the blogosphere but I spend the majority of my work days (every one where I am not in front of customers or driving to them) in front of a computer screen, phone in hand, in my home. It used to be called telecommuting, I have no clue what it’s called today but regardless of the title I will have been doing it for 10 full years this coming Saturday. To be honest, I forget what it is like to get in a car and go to an office every day. Now don’t get all pissy – I’m not trying to rub it in or anything – I promise you it is not as great as you may think. To be honest, there are days when it is extremely difficult to get motivated, what with escape in the form of my six year old daughter mere feet away.

Of course it is extremely difficult to that escape so I find myself taking my breaks helping her with drawings, catching the odd Sponge Bob moment, making us lunch or finding other forms of entertainment for her.

Today was not different.

Now you may find this weird but my six year old daughters favorite band is not Hanna Montana, it is in fact Green Day. She just loves them. So after one of my usual two hour phone marathons I decided to take five minutes to find her a Green Day video on YouTube. One video led to another, and then a third. That is one of the cool things about Youtube, it just keeps you going from one to the next.

For the final video I ran into one that I had never previously seen. I must be the only one because the stats under the video on Youtube show it with roughly 5.4 million views but hey, I am an old man so what can I say. Anyway, I found myself having to explain to my daughter what was going on in this video. What a harsh reminder of the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

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