And The Battle Rages On…

Between misinformation

The collapse in support for Congress tells us several things. First, the American people are in a deeply anti-political mood, and public officials who plausibly can tap into that sentiment and channel it in a constructive way will benefit enormously. The public is looking for a change-agent.

Second, the Democratic Congress has passed almost nothing of consequence; in the current environment, this is ruinous.

Third, Democrats are paying a high price for their hyper-partisanship. They appear angry, zealous, and vengeful, far more interested in investigations than legislation.

Fourth, Democrats are reinforcing the worst stereotypes of the party: weak on national security, in favor of higher taxes and larger government, and beholden to fringe groups.

Fifth, Democratic Party leaders, especially Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are quite weak, both in their abilities to run the institution and as the public faces of the modern Democratic Party.

And fact

On cue, former Bush official Peter Wehner, writing on the Commentary blog, asserted that these negative Congressional polling numbers reveal that “Democrats are paying a high price for their hyper-partisanship. They appear angry, zealous, and vengeful, far more interested in investigations than legislation.” Right-wing blogger McQ cited as one reason for the unpopularity that Democrats “spent all their time investigating marginal, and to most Americans, unimportant things while accomplishing nothing of importance.”

Glenn Reynolds linked to this post conclusorily mocking my analysis of Congress’ unpopularity by suggesting that Congress has investigated far more than most Americans want. And Reynolds himself then added: “YEAH, THAT’S THE TICKET: Why’s Congress polling so badly? Because they haven’t launched enough investigations. Uh huh.”

All of these “analysts,” making the same point (one heard frequently on television), have one thing in common: namely, not one of them cited a single piece of evidence, poll, or anything else to support their claim that Americans dislike investigations and/or that Congress is unpouplar due to too many hearings or too much obstructionism. Instead, they just literally make that up and then say it without having any idea if it’s true.

Have I mentioned lately how proud I am to be a part of the reality based community?

Hat tip to my oppo buddy Media Lizzy for pointing this one out on her Facebook page.

14 Responses to “And The Battle Rages On…”

  1. You have an oppo buddy?

  2. Macswain says:

    What’s an “oppo buddy”? Is it some kind of internet(s) equivalent of an “F” buddy?

  3. Hey now. Just short for opposition. Someone one the “other side” if you will.

  4. Yeah, oppo is shorthand for opposition research

  5. Macswain says:

    Oh I see. It’s kinda the internets antithesis to an “F” buddy; albeit still a buddy.

  6. No… Okay… Oppo. Say you’re in a campaign, right? Oppo is the dirt you dig up on the other guy. You use the relatively tame stuff, stances on certain issues, etc. during the normal rigors on the campaign. The really dirty stuff, like say, marrying your second cousin (Rudy) you keep in a little envelope and only use if they decide they want to play REALLY dirty.

  7. The f buddy equivalent might be like the Log Cabin Republicans, who pretty much just get f-ed by their own party on just about every gay issue, and get nothing in return…

    …okay, maybe that’s a bad example.

  8. Ok, I know what OPPO means. In this case I was just using it as short for opposition. Whether Lizzy digs dirt professionally I can not say. What I can say is she is an internet buddy whose opinion is nearly always in opposition to mine.

  9. Now, if you have enough time to write these comments you should be posting you punk ass biatch! LOL

  10. It’s not a question of time, pizzunk. It’s a question of supervision, and what I feel getting away with whilst the boss is near continuously looking over my shoulder. Tuesday, my friend. Tuesday. All good things come to those who wait. I’m so ready for pwnage you gots no idea. Iz tiem 2 taek dem to skoolz!!!!111!!!

    God I gotta stop hanging out at lolcats.

  11. Interestingly, I find myself agreeing with Lizzy’s comments on this article.

    Oppo maybe not so mucho…

  12. Media Lizzy says:

    Oppo Buddy… well, let’s put it this way – if I had an oppo research package – and Tedesco was on the race in question – I would definitely send it his way. Thankfully, I am a recovering political consultant… no more oppo packages for me! Plus, both parties have inflicted so much damage on themselves & each other in the last year – it will take a whole new level of research to make a difference.

  13. Feel free to have any of your current consultant buddies send their oppo our way. We promise to treat it nicely… šŸ™‚

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