Breaking: Gonzo Resigns

Amid the recent rumors that have floated around about Chertoff being sought out to replace Attorney General Gonzales, the embattled Gonzo has finally done what he should have done a very long time ago: resign.

This, of course, doesn’t absolve Gonzales of further testimony and subpoenas by congress, and there must still be a reckoning regarding both the scandal swarming around the administration’s anti-terrorism tactics, as well as the politically motivated firing of US Attorneys.

Still, the resignation offers at least a glimmer of hope for the members of the DoJ that they will finally be able to serve under an Attorney General that is both competent and not mired in scandal. There’s not a lot of hope, mind you, but at least a glimmer.

Assuming rumors are true, this means we must now turn our eyes to the Gremlin, Michael Chertoff. I’ve still not the time to engage in a full investigation of the man, that will come in the following days, but I have this single hope.

This will be the single most important appointment of the new congress to date. There can be no yielding, there can be no compromise of integrity. This, is where we begin to repair our sorely shattered credibility.

If Chertoff, or whomever else Bush decides to appoint, cannot meet America’s standards of humanitarian practices, he must be refused. If he cannot meet America’s constitutional principles, he must be refused. If he cannot meet those accords between us and the world which seek to ensure fairness and peace among nations, accords such as the Geneva Convention and the Vienna Convention, he must be refused.

There can be no other alternative. Our tarnished reputation has hamstringed our ability not only to project militarily, but also in the arena of humanitarian aid to desperate nations and situations. If we wish to once again lead the world, then we must start here and now. We must appoint and accept only an Attorney General who will restore Habeas Corpus and eschew the symantic acrobats with which we treat inmates at places like Gitmo. We must appoint and accept only an Attorney General who can understand that rapport building is the only means of interrogation, and that torture and other methods of coercing information is only useful in television dramas like 24. We must appoint and accept only an Attorney General who will maintain US attorneys based on their performance and not based on there willingness or lack thereof to act on a partisan agenda.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we must appoint and accept only an Attorney General who does not fail to recall, who does not lie under oath, or seek to mislead under oath through careful manipulations of phrasing, but instead someone who, when he speaks, can be trusted. In short, we must have someone who exemplifies integrity unchallenged.

There can be no compromise of these standards, and there is no excuse to accept anything less.

Note: Thanks to Central Sanity for the link! As well as the Opinionated Geek With  A Laptop.

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  1. haha. I just thew one up about that that will come on down.

  2. I saw, there was no need to take it down.

  3. It had no substance so don’t sweat it.


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