Bush’s Ugly Veto Threat

Okay, at this point I’m unwilling to consider any theory about the Bush Administration that doesn’t involve the idea that he is currently vying for the title of “Most Hated President in US History”.

I would like to remind you at this point that earlier this year Bush made it seem like a dire necessity that Congress pass a 124 billion dollar emergency appropriations bill for his woefully catastrophic war in Iraq. If he didn’t get it, and in a timely manner, very bad things would happen.

I would like to remind you of Michael “Brownie” Brown, the head of FEMA and the images of people stranded on rooftops and wading through infested water sometimes as the bodies of their relatives or neighbors floated lifelessly by in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I would like to remind you that we are now in hurricane season.

I would like to remind you of these things because I don’t want a single iota of the context to be lost on you when I say that Bush has just threatened to veto a bill that would provide vital funding to shore up the Gulf Coast against hurricanes.

Hurricane Katrina was a sad day for Americans on American soil. Not in a far off land and not in a conflict that was essentially our fault. Back in the summer of 2005, the Gulf Coast was ravaged by a storm, and if at no other time, that was the time when the Federal Government should have stepped up and did for the citizens that pay for it.

That is, essentially, the role of the government; to provide services that we can’t ourselves. It’s hard to provide a lot of services for yourself when you watch your roof ripped off and sent floating down a river that wasn’t there a day or two ago.

We saw in the wake of that vicious storm ugly truths about this administration; it just doesn’t care. It didn’t care about poor people, and it seemed uninterested that most of the poor people, oh yeah, happened to be black.

We saw what it looks like when government fails us in all of its stark ugly reality; people like refugees in a third world country huddled en masse in the Super Dome; people standing on their roofs waving desperately for a lifeline; bodies floating by listlessly as survivors waded through the disease riddled water.

Only in a nightmare could these be images of America, and yet here we were, those of us lucky enough to not be a part of the tragedy glued to our television sets and staring at what we were sure couldn’t happen here.

And in the first real opportunity Bush has had to at least try to prevent it from happening again, he has already failed. 21 billion dollars. According to the movie, No End In Sight, the Iraq war will, all told, come close to costing us 2 trillion dollars, and we couldn’t find a way to skimp a tiny fraction of that to actually provide some real safety and protection for Americans from a real and true threat?

21 billion dollars. Not even a quarter of what it cost this year alone to continue waging the Iraq War. And for what?

But the Office of Management and Budget sent a letter to Capitol Hill on Wednesday saying that the price tag is too high and shifted too much of the cost of new projects from local governments and onto federal taxpayers.

“This is not how most Americans would expect their representatives in Washington to reach agreement, especially when it is their tax dollars that are being spent,” OMB Director Rob Portman and John Paul Woodley, the assistant army secretary over the Corps of Engineers wrote.

Taxes? That’s what this is about? So we don’t have to pay more taxes? BULLSHIT! You know something, we talk about mutual sacrifice over here on the left an awful lot. Well let me be specific right here and right now. Americans are Americans. I may not have ever been down there, I may not agree with many of them culturally or politically, but we live under the same flag, we’re all citizens of the same country, and when thousands of my fellow countrymen were killed or dislocated in the wake of Katrina, that hurt me.

I do want my tax dollars to go to EXACTLY this kind of effort. THAT’S what I want my money to be spent on. Not so some secretive cabal can spend it all on a circle jerk of a vanity war in the Middle East. Not so they can strip regulations and make it easier for Corporations to rape the ever living shit out of the dwindling middle class. I want them to spend the money on building those levees, and showing some GOD DAMN DECENCY just ONCE in their fucking tenure in the White House.

Is this what the “ownership society” really is? I mean we like to joke about it, but is this really the true colors? Oh, you’re poor, fuck off! I know you just had your house demolished but go ahead and pull yourself up out of the water by your bootstraps even while we assign the contracts to rebuild to out of state companies employing illegal immigrants for cost plus.

Fuck you, Mr. President. Just when I think you’ve reached a new low, you go and turn that assumption on its head. You are not a decent human being. You are not a good Christian. You are not even an American. You are a foul, foul thing that must be evicted from your office at once, and then jailed… in Lousiana, in or as near as you can get to any number of the parishes that your policies have put at risk of such utter devestation.

As of this moment, sir, you have no worth not as a human being, not as nothing, and YOU are what I don’t want my taxes being spent on.

Update: Big thanks to Misunderestimated for linking in.

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