But I Use Johnson & Johnson

Come on, all I know of Johnson & Johnson is baby shampoo.  Cute little kids everywhere aren’t crying because of their shampoo.  Actually, this doesn’t hold up so well in the real world, trust me, but still.

JOHNSON&EFFING JOHNSON!  How on earth could they fall into the vortext of corporate greed?

Well, as Cernig points out, pretty easily by suing the RED CROSS for their use of J&J’s logo.   No, this isn’t part of our lighter Saturday material.  This is an actual story. 


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  1. GO says:

    Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, was paid $468,599 in salary and benefits in fiscal 2003. (Source: BBB Wise Giving Alliance)

    Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way, was paid $432,709 in salary and benefits in fiscal 2003. (Source: Charity Navigator)

    W. Todd Bassett, National Commander of the Salvation Army, was paid (along with his wife, who also works for the organization) $94,091 in salary and benefits in 2003 (including house and car). (Source: Fayetteville Observer)

  2. jpe says:

    The best interpretation is that there’s a trademark protection thing going on. J&J needs to police its trademark for it to remain legally viable, and that entails going after non-sanctioned uses.

  3. Cernig says:

    Hi Kyle and Mike,

    That guy “GO” turned up on Newshoggers with the same soppy try at misdirection about salary packages.

    I told him:

    “the American Red Cross is a nationwide network of more than 800 chapters and Blood Services regions, now broken up into divisions, dedicated to saving lives and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. More than a million Red Cross volunteers and 30,000 employees annually mobilize relief to families affected by more than 67,000 disasters, train almost 12 million people in lifesaving skills and exchange more than a million emergency messages for U.S. military service personnel and their families. The Red Cross is also the largest supplier of blood and blood products to more than 3,000 hospitals across the nation and also assists victims of international disasters and conflicts at locations worldwide.

    The ARC has assets in excess of $4.5 billion and a budget of just over $6 billion.

    Being CEO of all that is obviously not a McJob.

    The current director, Mark Everson, for instance was previously George W. Bush’s pick as head of the IRS and had previously been Reagan’s deputy head of the INS. No lightweight. How much is such a professional worth?

    Perhaps as much as the CEO of Johnson and Johnson, William C. Weldon, who raked in $28 billion in total compensation in 2006 alone according to SEC filings?

    [Mike, $8.45 billion doesn’t take share options etc into account]

    Or…short version – what a poor attempt to derail the issue of J&J suing the ARC for a pitiful $2 million when that $2 million could be going to help the ARC’s valuable humanitarian work instead of being a drop in J$J’s ocean.”

    His reply: “Just making conversation, your point is well taken… it is a foolish thing for J&J to do.”

    Do I smell a J$J shill trying out some damage-control spin, or is GO just a conservative who had a kneejerk reaction to the “lib’rul” ARC?

    As for the “copyright” thing – J$J could have easily let it pass, and in any case the Red Cross has the prior claim.

    Regards, C

  4. Actually, I would have gone with strawman really. I mean, so… what’s the point?

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