Canadian Girlfriend

(All apologies to matttbastard)

Picking through the various scandals and grievances in the White House can be such a chore.  There are just so many.  But allow me to remind you about email.  Email is good.  It’s faster than snail mail, accessible just about anywhere these days, and as long as you’re willing to put up with letters from foreigners trying to get you to help them out with their massive fortunes, and pornography ads, the service can really help you out.

Unless you’re the White House, and you have a habit of being naughty.

Among the many kerfluffles of the White House, one thing that has come to light (in which investigation, I can’t recall anymore) was the disappearance of at least five million correspondences.  Not exactly a good thing when one remembers that the Presidential Records Act, put into place after Nixon, classifies presidential records as public property and therefore illegal for the administration to destroy.


See, I wasn’t around back then, but I think it might have something to do with the idea that, after Nixon, Americans felt that maybe a little more transparency in regards to the White House was probably a good thing, and so we made a law.

So while it may have seemed convenient at the time for 5 million emails to go missing when investigators came a-knockin’ as it turns out, such an event would be illegal.

In the latest episode of this particular White House saga, it turns out that the White House had contracted out the job of archiving said emails to a private company.  Who is this mysterious company, you might ask?  The world may never know.

You see, the White House isn’t exactly forthcoming with who this company is, nor why they don’t want to share it.  Could it be that Bush & Co. would prefer the emails to remain lost?  Could be.  Is it possible they are simply trying to stall while they come up with a story they think people will buy?  Maybe.

Perhaps right now they are trying to come up with a feasible way for them to say that we can’t have the name of the company for National Security reasons, because heaven forbid the classified government should allow a non government actor be in charge of potentially sensitive information and then have that company give the information back to the government.

You see, they would be giving it back to the wrong PARTS of the government, the parts trying to hold Bush’s part (I’m keeping this vague because Cheney’s included and besides being Arch Chancelor, we’re not really sure where he stands) of government accountable for its deeds.

Obviously such a thing would be a breech of National Security at the highest level.

Or, perhaps this “company” is non-existent; a very, very handy electronic shredder.  Yes, much like my Canadian Girlfriend from back in high school, this “company” could be about as real as the Tooth Fairy.

4 Responses to “Canadian Girlfriend”

  1. I didn’t realize that she lived on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

    But seriously, I think there is a name for this behavior – obstruction of justice.

  2. matttbastard says:

    Are you sure this isn’t your old Canook sweetie, Kyle? ‘Non-existent’. Riiight.

    On a more serious note, how many more ‘dog ate my [in this case electronic] paper trail’ excuses is Congress willing to accept before it actually does something. Michael is absolutely correct: this is brazen obstruction of justice on the part of the Executive.

    Impeach the motherf*ckers – now.

    (Yeah, yeah, and a dapple-grey pony. Sigh.)

  3. If wishes were horses.

  4. As for my ex-sweetie, well, no one ever accused her of being able to sing… or of particularly decent timing… or, as luck would have it, any grace whatsoever.


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