Craig and Vitter

Just like U.S. involvement in Iraq shouldn’t be analyzed without discussion of Afghanistan, what should happen to Larry Craig should not be discussed without the same question being raised regarding David Vitter.

John McCain and Norm Coleman – both Republicans running campaigns – believe Craig should resign. They don’t say a thing and apparently haven’t even been asked about David Vitter.

I can only interpret their silence on Vitter as being supportive. If so, they should speak out against the over-the-top prosecution by the US Justice Department of Debra Jean Palfrey.

For the record, I don’t believe either should resign for what – in Vitter’s case – I believe should be legal and for what – in Craig’s case – is a minor legal violation. Their constituencies, though, should be allowed to consider their hypocrisy and the media should fully report on it. I, too, retain the right to mock them for their hypocrisy and genuinely bizarre behavior.

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