Does This Mean We Can Be Done With This Soon?

According to “well placed” sources, disgraced Idaho Senator Larry Craig will resign, possibly as early as today.  My response is simply, Thank GOD!

I have to be honest with you folks, I’m sick of it.  In a week when numerous reports regarding Iraq are floating around in preparation for the big one to hit next month, and the entire fate of a war is at stake, where an Attorney General that has marred the name of his office had finally, after months of coersion, resigned, where we sat to remember the losses thrust upon us by hurricane Katrina and the work still needed to be done here, in this week the story that seems to have flooded the wires is this silly episode of a Senator getting caught soliciting gay sex in a public restroom.



Memeorandumis a valuable tool for journalists and bloggers alike, providing rapid and up to date news on the vital current events of the day.  I still occasionally have to go outside of memeo to get the goods, but there’s no denying it’s quite possibly my favorite news aggragator out there.  Now let’s take a look at what happened in memeo this week:

10:00 AM Monday morning, memeo is rightly focused on the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.  This story saturates memeo for about eleven hours until…

9:00 PM Monday evening, News that months earlier Larry Craig was arrested for attempting to solicit homosexual sex in a public restroom in a Minneapolis Airport hits, overtaking the AG story.  This is fine, this happens.  Stories hit, flare up, and then rightfully die.

9:00 AM Tuesday morning.  The story of Craig’s scandal has pushed nearly everything off the page at this point, but again, this is understandable.  Many Americans are just catching the news on their ride into work at this point and therefore are just hearing this for the first time.

Noon Tuesday.  Still there, okay it’s getting a little old now.

6:00 PM Tuesday evening.  Craig holding a press conference dominates the newswires, even at a time when a significant British report exposes our posture towards Iran, Castro weighs in on our ongoing presidential campaigns, Bush engages in heavy fearmongering in regards to Iran, McCain qualifies for public funding of his Presidential Campaign, and the first story that would eventually result in the revelation that a major Democratic Party fundraiser is in fact a fugitive from the law

6:00 AM Wednesday morning.  Now, we’re talking about how editors to an online magazine are squabbling over how to report on Craig.  Are you fucking kidding me?

6:00 PM Wednesday evening.  Well, at least it’s nice to know that the news is revolving around someone’s penis other than Bill Clinton’s, I guess.

6:00 AM Thursday morning.  Sweet glorious respite, it’s no longer at the top.

7:00 AM Thursday morning. One hour later.  Fuck.

-Twelve hours later, it looked as though Fred Thompson’s announcement of an announcement might finally wrest the Top spot from Craig, but a mere two hours after that, well, see for yourself.

On top of the internet news-o-sphere hitting the Craig story over and over again like a crack pipe, Craig-mania was hitting everywhere.  From the morning talk show that I listen to in my twenty minute politics free morning drive (yes, this story has invaded my mental sanctuary goddammit!), to print, to the asinine buffoonery of television personalities.

Can we just be done with this?  Can we go back to news that matters?

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