Drip … Drip … BOOM!

Seven NCOs who are finishing their 15 month deployments in Iraq were given high rent space on the NYT editorial page and this is what they wrote.

You’ll be hearing a lot about it.

One Response to “Drip … Drip … BOOM!”

  1. The only people that will be surprised by what these soldiers are saying are the one’s blinded by their loyalty to their party. This is certainly not new news. That being said, it is quite interesting that they have chosen to come out and effectively say we need to stop looking at this conflict in an American-centric manner. These guys are doing their best to control an otherwise uncontrollable situation. At least in the context of modern warfare where the rules insist we do not unleash full force on a civilian population.

    It will be interesting to see how the cheer leading class responds to this one.

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