Emergency: Major earthquake hits Peru

Via an email alert from Oxfam America

Last night, a major earthquake struck the coast of Peru. Hundreds of people have been killed, thousands have been injured, and tens of thousands have lost their homes.

Oxfam was on the scene within hours, and the damage is enormous. We need your help to mount a major response.

We are focusing our efforts on those most vulnerable and hardest to reach – the rural poor who have been cut off from aid by impassable highways, collapsed bridges, and power outages that have plunged entire cities and towns into darkness.

Help Oxfam provide immediate aid – clean water, sanitation, and shelter – to save lives in Peru.

Oxfam has set up a special funding stream, the Peru Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund, to channel resources directly to this relief effort.

The death toll, currently at 337, is likely to rise as more bodies are discovered. The reports coming in from our staff in Peru have been disturbing:

  • In the city of Pisco, more than 70% of the buildings have been reduced to rubble.

  • Many are still trapped in the debris, but rescue vehicles are having trouble reaching them because the main bridge to the region was destroyed in the quake.

  • The central cathedral in the city collapsed with hundreds of people inside.

  • Scores of aftershocks have continued to shake the region and impede rescue efforts.

Oxfam’s major concern right now is about the health and safety of survivors. Our main focus will be on providing clean water, sanitation, and shelter, particularly to the rural areas that have been largely overlooked by the media and authorities.

Donate now to the Peru Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund.

We also need your help to spread the word about this disaster – please forward this email to friends and family. [you can forward this post by clicking the “email this” link at the bottom – mike]

Mounting a humanitarian response to a disaster of this magnitude will require significant resources. I hope you can donate generously to help the people of Peru.



Raymond C. Offenheiser
Oxfam America


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