Fair And Balanced

You know, I think we’ve been bashing Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly enough for now. I need a break, you know, a change of pace. Something fresh and new…

…like bashing Roger Ailes from Fox News.

The underlord of darkness, offering undying fealty to the one and only dark one himself, Rupert Murdoch, has himself a friend… A potentially very powerful friend.

The “Mayor”.

At a time when his news network will be perhaps the single most influential and significant in the Republican Primaries, it seems just a little bit odd that the network’s head would just happen to be best friends forever with the party’s frontrunner.

Of course all claims of wrongdoing are denied, and the network is still keeping its “fair and balanced” status in tact… much like a mother of twelve might try to claim she’s still a virgin

Brit Hume and other personalities associated with the flagrantly right wing cable network have said that Ailes has not tried to exert his influence on Rudy’s behalf, but then there is the little hiccup about Rudy possibly receiving more airtime than his would be rivals.

What’s funny, and not a little ironic, however, is how much real time impact this doesn’t have. Ailes could benefit Rudy by providing significantly more air time, but then that would most likely happen regardless of Ailes’ relationship with Rudy anyway considering most the rest of the GOP field’s about as interesting to watch as paint drying, grass growing, or a writer trying to think up as many cliches about boring things to watch.

He could halt criticism of Rudy Giuliani but if you’re watching Fox News, you aren’t likely to find any anyway. That’s the point. If this decades long friendship were attached to any news network other than Fox, it’d be a big deal. But since it is Fox, and it’s journalistic intergrity is at a net negative value anyway, it really doesn’t matter, does it?

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