Gonzo’s Goose Is Cooked

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi right about now must be having not the best of times. While the public and many Democrats in congress are seeking to tar and feather the current administration and its cohorts, all she seems to want to do is get some legislation passed.

In fact, that’s exactly what she said in a recent interview when asked about why she opposed impeaching the President. It’s not that she didn’t think he deserved it, it was merely that there were so many other things that she wanted to get done.

While I disagree with her, and actually find the logic somewhat misguided, I can at least understand her point of view. The president must be stopped, in fact, the president must be punished, but when you are the speaker of the house, and your majority is only ensured for the next two years or less, I can see the priority you might place on passing as much progressive legislation as you can muster.

So while she has not been clear as to whether she would support it, the fact that Nancy’s not quite as opposed to impeaching Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, that should come as a big hint that if Gonzo doesn’t resign, things are going to get a lot uglier than he thought possible. If he has thought congress has been mean to him up to this point, just wait.

But then again, it’s not like he hasn’t been warned already with alarms, sirens, and gigantic yellow and black signs standing dozens of feet tall telling him to resign while he still can, so I suppose it wouldn’t do to expect too terribly much from him.

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