You know me.  Any chance I can get to rag on “The Mayor” I’m gonna take, and let me tell you, today it’s a HOOT!

One of the things that stands in the way of Rudy Giuliani’s ascension to Republican Nominee for the President of the United States is his personal life.  Now I think many of us can agree that one’s personal life, for the most part, should be left out of the debate on whether someone can effectively govern.

But then again, we’re Democrats over here.  We have to take that position.  After all, our last president got a blowjob from an intern.   But we’re not trying to run for the nomination in the holier-than-thou Republican party where adhering to good Christian values is more important than having two brain cells to rub together.  Hillary was the wife of the guy who got the blow job, Obama apparently snorted coke once or twice… eh… whatever.

So if Rudy were running as a Democrat, all would be well.  Too bad for him, he’s not.  For his base, they might have a problem with his three marriages, with his past support for and friendship with homosexuals, and his seemingly ambivalent pro-life stance, and his estrangement from his own children.

This last one is kind of highlighted by the revelation that his own daughter… hehehe… actually supports Barack Obama.  Up until the story broke on Slate did her facebook profile list her as a member of “One Million Strong For Barack” group.

It’s an interesting state of affairs.  At a time when a candidate’s children and spouse are prominent in a campaign, from Chelsea Clinton to Bridget McCain, Giuliani’s rough relationship with his kids stands out in stark comparison.

Which, in the light of everything else, begs the question, “Do they and the rest of New York know something about Rudy that we don’t”?  Actually, not really.  I know enough about Rudy to know he shouldn’t be allowed in DC, let alone the Oval Office.

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