Here It Comes

When I was a kid, I used to be terrified of roller coasters.  But then, and I don’t know when exactly this happened, things changed, and now I’m in complete and total love with them.

At Bush Gardens, which is only about an hour away, they just put up the new “Griffen” roller coaster.  Among many of the terror inducing aspects of the beastly ride there is a 5-7 second wait atop a ninety degree, 90+ foot drop where you dangle out over nothing at all, the true terror of what you are about to experience staring at you dead in the face.

This is what watching the Bush adminstration is like right about now.

Only it’s nowhere near as fun, and you aren’t at least reasonably sure that you’ll make it out safe and sound.

This is particularly true when you read things like this:

In his speech about Iraq to the American Legion today, President Bush warned that allowing Iran to pursue “technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust.”

Okay, not too terribly bad, right?  Well, it actually is when you remember that just earlier today I covered a report that shows just how far down the “Let’s Bomb The Shit Out Of Iran” rabbit hole we have really gone.

And it all comes together when we remember exactly how Bush got us into war with Iraq:

In 2002 and 2003, in making the case for a war with Iraq, the president and his team would frequently tell Americans that we couldn’t wait for actual proof to justify an invasion, because the “smoking gun could be a mushroom cloud.”

While Bush has eschewed the vivid and colorful imagery, the bootprint is still the same.  We still have the attempt to validate weak reports into hard facts that Iran is a serious threat to couple with the PR blitz to make us dead petrified of Iran despite a significant and critical look at all sides of the situation.

One would hope that Bush wouldn’t pull this kind of thing again, not after the disaster that has become his legacy; Iraq.  One would hope that he would actually vet his intelligence, and deplete any and all diplomatic and non violent solutions before even considering war.

But when it became clear to insiders that Bush was going to take Cheney’s side an a little publicized conflict within the administration, all hopes that we have anything to hope for essentially whithered and died.

And what will actually be the result?  Who’s to say?

Unlike when we went into Iraq, our military is now hampered by two active wars, neither going pretty well.  Troop morale is low and suicides are therefore up.  Meanwhile, we have pretty much destroyed any hope of winning the hearts and minds of the very people our invasion was meant to ostensibly help.

Further, Iran isn’t Iraq.  Iraq which had been greatly weakened by the first gulf war, bombing runs that occured under Clinton’s watch, and economic sanctions, was already a pushover for the most part when we got there.  Not so with Iran, a physically larger and more populous nation with a decent military in its own right.

But let’s not quibble over the mere military aspects of a run on Iran.  If you’ll direct your attention to the bigger picture; look at what we did in Iraq.  We invaded a secular Sunni government, and in the aftermath essentially flipped the bird to even more Sunni’s with our de-Ba’athification policies.  On top of that, the Iraqi government is continuing the fine tradition by ostracizing even more of the one time in power minority.

Iran is largely Shia… Hm…   At what point do our actions essentially label us as persecuting Islam in general?

There can be no mistaking this simple course of logic.  To invade Iran would demonize us in large swaths of the Muslim world… more so than we already are as of right now.  Assuming we do engage in a successful campaign against Iran, which, given the current track record of this administration is unlikely, we will have effectively become the “Great Satan” that Shiite rabble rouser Mouqtada al Sadr has painted us as.

It is not too far of a logical leap to believe that if we go down this path, those remaining in the Muslim world will greatly ally themselves against us.  Perhaps with al Qaeda, or should their methods prove to be too heinous, with whatever other anti-American Islamist group is there and recruiting.

It is often said that Bush’s policies have made us less safe, and have fostered more terrorism throughout the world.  Yeah, well, just wait and see what happens to that should we actually go to war against Iran.

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