Hold On, Let Me Get My Shocked Face

I suppose I should just go ahead and get this out of the way here and now.  Yes, Fred Thompson will be announcing his campaign supposedly on September 6th.  Calm down, I know this comes as a huge shock to all of you, but please try and control yourselves.

Not like it matters anyway, I would put money on the idea that Fred jumped the shark LONG before this decision to make it official every happened.

Making a solid case for this, complete with Hollywood references and all, is ABC’s Rick Klein who cites, among other things, the multiple postponements, campaign shake ups, and his previous history all sinking the non-candidate before he upgraded his status to candidate.

Particularly interesting to me is the insight in the post provided by noted conservative blogger Glenn Reynolds:

“If he doesn’t hit the ground running and look a lot more organized over the next couple of months, his chance of moving to the front will be pretty slim,” Reynolds said. “This September is going to be make-or-break.”

Actually not a bad observation, I think.  The fact is, while he’s gotten a lot of buzz without jumping in, I think his continued stalling has pushed the patience of his supporters to a breaking point.

Add to the fact that Fred has been able to avoid officially filing his fundraising with the FEC, and the fact that he has not been required to stand up in any of the debates and what you have is a situation where he has an incredibly short time to put up or shut up.

When he first started his non-campaign, part of the buzz surrounding him was that he was a “true conservative” but when that is coupled with the rather rapid rise of Mike Huckabee, no conservative slouch in his own right, as well as the ever present specter of Ron Paul (an ACTUAL conservative… ahem), this mantle Fred seeks to don actually seems to be in contention.

On top of that, in his lesser status his past has come out with little campaign contention, and stances on abortion, gays, and his status as a one time lobbyist will ultimately work against him, particularly among the “true conservatives.”

Then we must not forget the campaign shake ups, nor their cause.  Much of this is rumor and conjecture, but it seems that not a few of the realignments within camp Fred seem caused by his (hot) wife Jeri.

As Klein points out in his piece, Fred has no experience as an executive.  His test comes in acting the executive in his own campaign, and thus far, he’s doing a crap job.  Combine that with luke warm speech receptions, and if Reynolds is correct in his assertion, I think the official Fred campaign has the potential to be very short lived…


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