Is Mitt Romney Afraid to Face His Past?

According to the LA Times Mitt Romney won’t be among the viewers of the soon to be released film September Dawn. When asked whether he would view the film, Romney, a Morman and apparently a direct decedent of one one of the players in this historical event, brushed it off.

“That was a terrible, awful act carried out by members of my faith,” the former governor of Massachusetts added. “There are bad people in any church, and it’s true of members of my church too.”

Romney noted that one man, John D. Lee, was executed for his role in the execution-style killings of men, women and children in a wagon train bound for California. He also rejected the claim by some that Brigham Young, then the president of the Mormon church, shared direct responsibility for the attack.

As hard as it is for me to bring up this topic, it seems clear that Romney has spent a considerable amount of time trying very hard to minimize his membership in the LDS church. So what exactly does Mitt have to fear by seeing this film? If he is comfortable with his history and heritage then what could possibly surprise him in this film? Maybe my Roman Catholic forefathers can shed some light on this…

That’s right, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! LOL

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