Keep Wishing

Within the last month, month and a half, talking about Hillary Clinton in a non mud drenched light seems to be in vogue among some conservatives.  Here, completely lacking in Clinton based vitriole, Bob Novak talks about how some would like to see Mark Warner on a Clinton ticket, not Obama.  For those who will remember, I was supportive of a Warner WH bid after he turned the keys of Virginia over to Tim Kaine.

He had centrist Democratic creds, the important governor title under his belt, and a ridiculously high approval rating in a red state.  On top of that, he had the benefit of being unemployed through a key phase of the campaign cycle which would have allowed him to establish a strong organization, and pick up early supporters.  But he opted out in order to spend time in the private sector.

There are more than a few who would like to see Mark Warner in the White House in some capacity, but wishing for it doesn’t make it so.

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