Kids Sucking Lead


“Sarge” may look innocent enough, but this popular toy is one of many covered in harmful, lead-based paint.

The toy scandal continues as it is being revealed today that the recall has been expanded to 9 million toys.

On a political note, I believe this is what you get with unchecked Capitalism — the kind supported by the Bush administration and Republicans. Democrats and progressives prefer that there is some governmental check in place to prevent toys coated with lead-based paint from getting into our kids’ mouths. We understand that corporations by their nature are profit driven and, in this modern age, short-term profits in particular. The incentives to cheat are ever present and safety regulations are a necessity.

Interestingly, the CNN report does not refer to any governmental action being taken to determine the actual breadth of the problem. Apparently, Bush vacations while our kids suck lead.

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