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In what is becoming a fine tradition here at Comments From Left Field, Kyle, Mac, I (and possibly some other special guests) will be live-blogging the AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum tomorrow night at 7 PM EST. This event is being moderated by none other than Keith Olbermann and is being broadcast on MSNBC and XM Satellite radio on the new POTUS ’08 channel 130. As with past live blogging events, this one will take place in the comment section below this post. Also as in the past, the event is open to anyone interested in participating. Simply drop by here around 7 PM and join in the conversation. This post will remain atop this page until that time.

UPDATE: Rather than sit around work waiting anxiously to watch tonights event (as if), why not cast your votes throughout the day at MSNBC.

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  1. You won’t stop the hiring of undocumented workers, you have to have prison time for employers, any fine can be worked into cost. Not many employers are willing to work in jail time.

  2. Hillary rocked the crowd too.

    Now to Obama on undocumented workers (DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!)

    Creating a path to citizenship for undocumented workers. A little pap, comprehensive immigration reform, focus on border security, employers held accountable, taking advantage of undocumented workers.

    Good answer on immigration, and follows up reminding the crowd that he worked with their labor organizations, nicely done.

  3. Biden took Edwards to task, luke warm response from the crowd.

  4. You know, Biden’s little dressing down of Edward’s picket line is kinda minimizing his rebuttal.

  5. Your point goes back to what is really wrong with our country today. The Republican party is going rabid over immigration but they won’t take the obvious next step of criminalizing the hiring of undocumented workers. Same thing goes for abortion. Make it illegal, sure. Then what is the prison sentence for the woman who has an abortion?

    We are full of rhetoric and platitudes designed to distract us from the fact that we are being mugged by the wealthiest among us. The answer is to stop worshiping at the alter of the free market and realize that we got to this place under the same regulations and oversight that the right wing demonizes. Now they are dismantling those critical regulations in order to extract every last penny from our pockets.

  6. Okay, Dodd on going green…

    squeezes in on healthcare to protests by the crowd, and boy, I like this crowd a lot. If you stray off topic, they have a tendancy (with the exception of the hypothetical one of course) to let you know.

  7. In many South American countries, the jail time for an abortion is 12 years. And they can issue search warrants to search woman’s vagina for evidence if she is suspected of having an abortion. Can you really see that in America?

  8. I can’t and to be honest, I don’t think the people that are screaming their heads off calling for making abortion illegal can either. They are so fired up by the rhetoric that they simply have not gone that far in their minds.

  9. What changes to NCLB to Clinton?

    fifteen to going green, groans from the audience, but she gets cheers when she talks about the imposition on teachers.

    Ultimately sounds like boos mixed with cheers at the end of her question.

  10. I know a lot of teachers, none of them like NCLB.

  11. You know, I never thought about that. What is the punishment for an abortion, shouldn’t that be one of those internet memes?

    Okay, going into the final segment, Obama, Edwards, and Kucinich look good, at least as far as the crowd is concerned.

  12. Let’s look at the commercials you are missing Kyle:

    Kaiser Permanente
    (then a local Alpaca farming commercial…hehe)

  13. Read up on NCLB, it really is a worthless system. The answer is simiple, you know, and it’s the superintendents and the school boards, those are the parts of the system that need the most pressure, primarily to hire quality teachers, and to give principals the resources they need to effectively manage their schools. We also need to gear our education to the market that is emerging. It’s sad to say, and while all the dems are in a pissing contest over who is more union, the days of manual labor and manufacturing being a big part of our economy are slowly ebbing.

  14. That’s why they pay me the big bucks baby…LOL

  15. to Richardson, job description of Vice Presdient “Not DICK CHENEY!” Great answer.

  16. Yeah, but your hours are shit.

    Clinton on lobby donations to her campaign, kinda dodges it.

  17. So now I want to know something about Obama’s position of not taking PAC money. What will he do if he wins the primary? The money will be MOSTLY PAC money. I think it is a noble position that I agree with but I am just curious.

  18. Obama contradicts the idea that lobbyists “bundle” for him. May need a factcheck, but good answer.

  19. GREAT answer from Edwards on Lobbyism.

    Mike, Look at his fundraising capabilities, I think he can live without lobby money.

  20. Would Biden appoint a republican to the cabinet? Would he be bipartisan?

    okay answer, finally has some crowd cheers in his favor.

  21. He is doing very well in the primary but the primary is not the general. Once he wins he will have to take that money, that is all I am saying. Do you remember the 2004 election? How many of the ads during the campaign were paid for by the candidates? The answer is very, very few. This is going to be a big issue come the GE, trust me.

  22. Okay, I’ve said this from the first debate, I just don’t get excited by dodd. He’s like the invisible man.

  23. Is that a no or a yes? It is a Dodge. A good dodge but a dodge nonetheless

  24. Kucinich… I feel like he’s trying to sell me a car.

    to obama, would you honor Barry Bonds at the White House?

    Funny little dodge on Obama’s part, nothing consequential.

  25. Biden gets the crowd back on his side with “Yes” on would he pledge to get rid of no bid contracts.

    Down the line

    “As president, would it bother you that the race to replace you will begin days after you take office?”

    Richardson, yes it would, but he believes he can heal the country and bring the country together.

  26. “Campaigns last too long and cost too much money…” Good point Senator Obama.

  27. Hillary, “National health care…energy indepence…education policy…there is going to be so much work for us to do that if some people want to start running for office I don’t care.”

    Without actually giving the answer I want, I will back publicly backed campaigns, but a good answer none the less.

  28. I am not certain that long campaigns are a bad thing. It gives you a lot of time to evaluate the candidates, to see them tired, under stress, and having to expand beyond sound bites if they want to hold your attention. We will be bored and no longer listening in six months if they are saying the same thing.

  29. Edwards finally gave the answer I wanted. Public financing of elections.

  30. Obama “Campaigns last too long, and cost too much money” Beautiful answer.

    Biden Wouldn’t bother him. He believes in doing his job. We are so caustic because Bush was terrible.

    Clinton: Too busy to not worry about it. Good answer, and this is her most presidential answer of the night. Damn! That was good.

    Dodd: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (ew… not very nationalistic talking about if America was a parliamentary system… could be seen as a gaffe if he was actually in danger of winning the primary)

    Edwards: Publically finance political campaign (nice answer, a little more tricky in application). Okay, no clue why the cleft palet rears its head here. Good story in the last debate, here it comes out of left field.

    Kucinich: “I’m the seabiscuit of this campaign” Funny. Okay, he’s repeating himself again… Wake me up when it’s over… And I swear with that smile on his face, I’m expecting him to break out in song.

  31. Ok. So there we go, it’s over. Whew. As always I am tired as all hell from enduring this thing.

  32. Break out into song…HAHA I am seriously laughing out loud.

  33. wimp.

    good point Tracey, and you know, I was kinda thinking that too. okay, so who wants to go into final thoughts first? I’ll be posting these with my final analysis tomorrow.

  34. Well I am not going try and say who won this one, Kyle E. Moore and Chris Matthews will take care of that for me. Thank you for taking the time out of your night to join us Tracey-Kay and thank you once again Kyle for a lively discussion. I need to get back to my family. I look forward to your analysis tomorrow.

  35. I think Edwards did not do well, especially since I have seen him speak on these labor issues before. He is usually excellent on labor issues. He seemed off his game tonight.

  36. Night Mike, thanks for doing this.

  37. I agree, to an extent. I think he did well, but not nearly as well as he should have done considering this should have been his night.

  38. Real quick, and it’ll take some time. Again, Dennis Kucinich was energetic and worked the crowd with expertise. Biden Gaffed by ignoring the widow’s question, and Hillary’s “don’t say what you think” is I think, a gaffe. It’s true, but it’s also self proving. That is a thought that shouldn’t be spoken, especially if you are the Hillary Clinton whom large numbers of people look upon with great skepticism and cynicism. Dodd was boring as always, as was Richardson, though, I suppose compared to early performances he has improved. While Obama was rough in some instances, I think he wins the night when he was attacked by two opponents at one; dodd and clinton (forcing Clinton into the afore mentioned gaffe). this is highly reflective of the first debate, but back then it was the moonbat Kucinich and lunatic Gravel. He was just as strong standing up to the frontrunner, and one of the most knowledgable men on stage, and that says an awful lot.

  39. And with that, I have to go finish the job I get paid for, Tracey, it was an absolute pleasure, I’m glad you were able to join us. And you are more than welcome any time!

  40. As for anyone out there reading this, thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll do so again for the next debate.

    Good night everyone.

  41. Ok, final thoughts.

    I really, truly want to embrace Obama as my man but I think he is still not making it over the top. He had some good answers as I have pointed out throughout the event. He has certainly shaken those jitters he seemed to have during the first debate. That being said, I think he showed why he is a contender.

    John Edwards started out weak but come on strong. To be honest, and I am sorry Mr. Kucinich, but the Sea Biscuit analogy fits best for Edwards. I think he will be here for the long haul and could possibly move closer to Obama and Clinton around the back stretch.

    Hillary. What can I say, she took some serious boos and still came out strong in my mind. Why? For the reason I hate the most, she played it well politically. She closed strong with the, “I am going to bring you all with me to Washington, bring your brooms we are going to clean it up” comment.

    Biden didn’t do himself any favors.

    Richardson – was he there?

    Kucinich has a great career in stand up comedy or on Broadway when this is all over.

    Chris Dodd, see my comment on Richardson.

  42. Good analysis, I look forward to reading your full analysis tomorrow. I will let you know what I think when I have had a night to sleep on it.

  43. MrKorvin says:

    Three young boys were fighting over whose dad was the best.
    “My dad is so good he can shoot an arrow, run after it, get in front of it, and catch it in his bare hands.”
    “My dad is so good that he can shoot a gun, run after the bullet, get in front of it and catch it in his bare hands.”
    “I’ve got you both beat. My dad’s so good because he works for the city. He gets off work at 5:00 and is home by 4:30.”

    The latest news of the world of the finance interests look Signature.

  44. xztheericzx says:

    i’m eric. joining a couple boards and looking
    forward to participating. hehe unless i get
    too distracted!


  45. oOgerryOo says:

    I’m oOgerryOo.

    Just saying hello – I’m new.

  46. oOgerryOo says:

    I’m Gerry.

    Just saying hi – I’m new.


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