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In what is becoming a fine tradition here at Comments From Left Field, Kyle, Mac, I (and possibly some other special guests) will be live-blogging the AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum tomorrow night at 7 PM EST. This event is being moderated by none other than Keith Olbermann and is being broadcast on MSNBC and XM Satellite radio on the new POTUS ’08 channel 130. As with past live blogging events, this one will take place in the comment section below this post. Also as in the past, the event is open to anyone interested in participating. Simply drop by here around 7 PM and join in the conversation. This post will remain atop this page until that time.

UPDATE: Rather than sit around work waiting anxiously to watch tonights event (as if), why not cast your votes throughout the day at MSNBC.

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  1. Break. Ok, so first impressions?

  2. Dennis is making a killing tonight. “when I was a kid, we used to say if you dug a hole deep enough, you get to china… we’re there.”

    Now, Obama might have been wrong, but that’s the American labor line, and it has been since I was a kid. People should be willing to pay more to keep US industry going, and for the higher quality.

    Nice imagery Tracey… with two young ones myself, that is a fear.

  3. I think that is the idea Michael, if they run the government so bad that we will welcome privatization, then they can make a profit doing the same things government used to do.

  4. Sadly Kyle, go to any WalMart and you don’t see rich people, you see laborers, service employees, etc. packing their carts full of Chinese goods. It might be the line but it is bull.

  5. Edward’s isn’t living up to his hype on Labor. Biden’s doing well as always, Hillary again proves why she’s the frontrunner, and Obama the runner up. And Dennis proves he knows how to throw red meat, though I still don’t like how combative he is to the rest of the field.

    Oh, and did anyone notice the refreshing absence of Gravel.. thought I’d point that out again.

  6. I agree with you on that one Tracy-Kay.

    Good segue, this is your topic, Iraq.

  7. I don’t walk into Wal Mart… That is Satan’s place, and all of a sudden I know what this week’s hell post will be about.

    on to Iraq… what happens if al Qaeda takes over iraq?

    on to richardson.

  8. Richardson didn’t even answer the question.

    Obama (again) reminds us that he was against Iraq from the beginning.

    I like his honesty line about bad options and bad options. Doesn’t really answer the question.

    Biden, goes to his own plan on politics in Iraq, and no one is answering the question, and this is irritating.

    Hillary also on the record of dodging the question.

  9. I am cynical on this issue. I don’t think we are leaving Iraq anytime soon. We might redefine the mission, but we will still be there.

  10. I just don’t know that there is a good answer on the Iraq question. Qaeda is going to be in Iraq whether we are there or not. They will be there because we turned an oppressed state into a failed state. Now we need to decide what we can do to either fix it or get the hell out.

  11. Dodd, before he gets to inevitably dodging the question, has an obligatory thanks to the troops.

    Okay, I’m throwing the BS flag: Thus far, no one has answered the question, and with Edwards and Kucinich left, I’m not hopeful…

  12. Edwards– that is the best I have heard him define what he would do in Iraq. He is refining his answer.

  13. I agree, Tracey, and actually, I think a full board immediate pull out might not be the best of ideas.


  14. Keith nailed Obama on why it took so long for him to vote on the supplemental. I would point out that Cenk from the Young Turks pointed something out that he needs to pay attention to, that was a time to lead not a time for politics. The same question should go to Hillary.

  15. Rule #1 in politics—NEVER answer a hypothetical.

  16. Obama goes into the thinking on why he voted no on the supplemental. Not a bad answer, but not going to win him any supporters.

  17. It isn’t an easy vote. No. But it wasn’t so difficult that the both of you had to wait until the end to cast your votes. Let me say again, you are running to be the LEADer of the free world. Lead.

  18. Now to Dodd, and this is specifically on dodd’s comments on Obama’s comments on Pakistan, which is something I’m going to need to write about soon, and look… Obama’s no pushover. And to be honest, he’s been clear on Pakistan, and I think Dodd’s about to get blown up.

  19. Obama just gained back the lead on this one. “I find it amusing that those who are responsible for orchestrating the biggest foreign policy disaster in our history are criticizing me.”

  20. And Chris, just learned a very important lesson.

  21. To your point…Kaboom.

  22. Obama just went pitbull on Dodd.

  23. She is getting booed! HA


  25. Looks like the South Side Fight Club is busting out.

  26. Get me an Old Style and a brat baby!

  27. Hillary just said, as president, you shouldn’t always say what you think?

  28. As an Obama supporter, I want people to attack him non stop twenty four seven for the rest of the primaries… I just want that known.

  29. Ok, now that we have a quick break I just want to say one thing. How did the Republican party become the tough party? Have you heard this crowd? Seriously. I would take any Teamster over a financial analyst on my side in a dark alley in Falluja any day.

  30. Discretion is something us old folks appreciate. Hillary’s comment will appeal to more than you think.

  31. Definitely some good fireworks there towards the end of the last segment, and through it all, obama did what he looks like he does best and that is counter attack with exceptional style.

    In the end, he laid Chris Dodd out flat, and Hillary got booed by the crowd, if there are no major changes in the final segment, this debate goes to him pretty easily.

  32. “Please call your doctor if you experience priopism, an erection lasting more than four hours.”

    There is no question who owns this country when you watch these commercials in the context of a political debate eh?

  33. I can see that, but of those thoughts Hillary said shouldn’t be spoken… that was actually one of them.

    Mike, how tough can a party be if they shit themselves every time someone mentions a terrorist?

  34. Thankfully all I get is a blue screen saying the video will return shortly…

    damn, shouldn’t say that or they will start to commercial livestreams too.

  35. The question comes from the wife of one of the lost SAGO miners. What will you do to improve the health and safety of our workplaces?

    Biden did what was one of the more distasteful things I have seen in quite some time. He blew off a widow’s question in favor of political grandstanding. Sad.

  36. Audience questions

    Wife of one of the miners killed last year.

    Question: Bush’s administration has failed workers by rolling back protection. What will you do to improve workplace safety?

    Biden: GETS BOOED FOR IGNORING THE QUESTION! (but backs up Obama’s stance on pakistan)

  37. yeah, Biden might as well just pack his bags now.

    Kucinich on what he would do to help people organize unions. Lists off all a bunch of rights … More red meat.

  38. Iraq war veteran and came home to find his job moved to mexico, what will you do to keep manufacturing jobs from leaving the country to Richardson?

    Dodges the question, goes over how he would protect everything but the job, and starts talking about VA.

    You know, many of the democrats on the stage are really underperforming tonight, Richardson too dodged the question.

  39. Nice touch pointing out some union members are at work. Not everyone can afford to miss a day of work.

  40. You know what? The questions from these citizens are more telling than the answers from the candidates. We should spend our time analyzing them.

  41. To Dodd.

    Daughter serving tenth month in Iraq. Why was his daughter forced to buy her own uniform… why are reservists forced to serve double time.

    Now look, okay, one thing about the uniform, that’s silly, you do buy your own uniforms in the military, and you are given a uniform allowance. Dunno how the body armor works though, never had to deal with that stuff.

  42. Health care gets a standing ovation.

  43. “What’s wrong with America and what will you do to change it?”

    I can tell you, we value profit over all!

  44. Okay, elderly gentleman in tears can’t afford to pay for his (wife’s?) health care… and that just proved Mike’s point, these questions are really saying something profound about this country

    (tracey, what was your opinion on Dodd’s, your son puts you close to that one right?)

  45. Edwards hit that one out of the park and he is back up to bat.

  46. Edwards is finally rocking the crowd, holy shit he walked picket lines 200 times?! Stifle’s Keith Olbermann

    Nicely done.

  47. Edwards has been doing every picket line he could find for the last three years.

  48. Look, I live in Pittsburgh and one of the reasons I love this city is that it is made up of real working people. These are the people that suffered (and continue to do so) to make America the wealthy war power it is today. Sadly, they have been thrown into the trash can like so many used disposable razors.

  49. Sorry, my point is that I think we can learn alot about what is wrong with America by looking at Americans.

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