Major Bridge Collapses In Minneapolis

I saw the headline yesterday but refrained from commenting. As news that a section of I 35W collapsed into the Mississippi river began to fill memeorandum, I abstained; I’m typically not that good with this kind of thing.

One of my downfalls, and I freely admit this, is that I’m overly emotional, and part of me wanted to avoid the story because I didn’t want to get too deep. As the death toll rose and dropped, I didn’t want to get sucked in, and left a wreck.

Still, something should be said. As many of you know, I grew up in California, land of the earthquakes. I was actually a half hour outside of San Francisco when the big one hit back in 86, and though I was in my bedroom watching sesame street with my little brother, it was still a horrifying experience.

Since then, every once in a while as I’m driving, the imagery sneaks into the back of my mind. What if the earth just opened up and swallowed me whole? What if the bridge I was on just decided to collapse? This is made little better by the fact that I currently live in Hampton Roads of Virginia, an area where to get most places you have to go over a bridge or two or half dozen.

What I’m saying is that I have no real comprehension of the true horror something like this could bring, but I’ve thought about it. And it is… darkening to know that right now people are living through that particular nightmare.

Four dead, dozens injured, and about twenty missing. My heart goes out to you folks, to the families who are already coping with loss, as well as those families who now must undertake the impossible task of waiting and praying and hoping that their unaccounted for loved ones are found alive and whole and safe.

And to those other inhabitants of the blogosphere, I just make this one request; can we take politics out of this, and not try and see terrorists where they don’t exist at least once? Somehow it just seems to cheapen the whole ordeal. Thanks.

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