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Top of the news pile today brings a headline that should make just about anyone’s anus pucker up real tight; “Iranian Unit to Be Labeled ‘Terrorist'”.  While it’s not particularly explicit, with not too far of a logical leap one can easily see what is happening right before our eyes.

We are watching as our President prepares to declare war on Iran.

The United States has decided to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, the country’s 125,000-strong elite military branch, as a “specially designated global terrorist,” according to U.S. officials, a move that allows Washington to target the group’s business operations and finances.

The Bush administration has chosen to move against the Revolutionary Guard Corps because of what U.S. officials have described as its growing involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as its support for extremists throughout the Middle East, the sources said. The decision follows congressional pressure on the administration to toughen its stance against Tehran, as well as U.S. frustration with the ineffectiveness of U.N. resolutions against Iran‘s nuclear program, officials said.

The absurdity of this being the whole declaring a uniformed 125,000 military force a terrorist organization emphasized by a justification of the actual nation state’s behavior.  In other words, this is not a terrorist organization, this is a nation with which you are having conflict.

We’re having a severe logic train derailment here.

But it’s easy to understand why Bush would do such a thing.  If he were to treat Iran as a nation state, which… strangely enough, it is, he would have to go through the old tired rigamarole of employing diplomacy and negotiations.  He would have to seek out allies in talks to help bolster his position with Iran, and assuming all else failed, he would then have to make a solid case to the Congress and the American public that war was the only option left available.

Considering how badly we as a country got burned in this whole Iraq mess, it’s safe to assume that such an endeavor against Iran would hopefully meet a significantly different fate.

Indeed, for much of this year we’ve seen this time and time again with the administration attempting to employ neoconservative friendly news outlets to publish press reports hinting at the sinister role Iran is playing in the overall turmoil of the Middle East, particularly in providing support to terrorists in Iraq.  But while these outlets attempted to push their stories into the mainstream media, there has been a general rejection of the meme.

But when Bush enacted the Global War On Terrorism, he had created for himself a useful tool; he set the precedent that he could make war on any country that he said sponsored terrorism.  It’s as simple as that; bypass the slow and deliberative and cautious process of going to war on a whim.

Call a country a terrorist, and you have your war.

The GTL paints a dim picture with the prospective results:

A hearty “congratulations” goes out to President Bush, whose “legacy” is destined to one day become credited as the man who single-handedly started WW-III after mounting a possible “bloodless” (domestically speaking) coup to acquire his “power” (last part, arguable).

Now, it appears the President has found a “slick” way to declare war on Iran by abusing the abusive Patriot Act while bypassing Congressional permission to wage war on Iran by labeling their “elite” military branch (125,000 man Republican Guard) as a “terr’ist organ-eye-zation“.

This is war making in its infancy.  Instead of doing the real hard work, laying the groundwork for diplomatic negotiations, we have, by proxy, labeled an entire nation a terrorist organization.  Further, it should be noted that this is coming in the heart of a culture and region that, as a result of our actions over the past several years, already finds us highly untrustworthy and antagonistic.

Late 2001 and early 2002 we had a chance to get it right.  We had the opportunity to keep our focus on the terrorist organization that attacked us.  In so doing, we would have highly disrupted al Qaeda, preventing them from becoming a significant furthering threat, we would have deposed the Taliban, and as a right thinking nation, helped the Afghanis develop a stronger, more free, more democratic government, keeping a reasonable presence in the nation to ensure order.

We would have never gone into Iraq, and the progress that we made in Afghanistan would have sent a clear message throughout the rest of the Muslim world; we will not stand for jihadists to attack us, but we will also stand on your side.  We had the opportunity then to embrace a foreign policy of RESPONSIBILITY which may have helped us to heal some of the old scars that run between us and the Middle East.

In so doing, we should have reassessed our relationship with the Saudi Royal Family, and even possibly counted on our new ally in Afghanistan to help us make political inroads through out the rest of the Middle East.  With these new inroads, we could have then put more pressure on Saddam Hussein vicariously through his neighbors to abandon his malevolent dictatorial ways.

To this degree, even if Saddam Hussein proved relentless, and military action was proved to be a necessary means, by employing a RESPONSIBLE political policy in the region, I’ve little doubt in my mind that whatever conflict arose would have been greatly aided by those states in the region who were friendly to us.

Granted, this is all hypothetical, but at the same time it shows the possibilities that are possible when one engages in a foreign policy of reason and responsibility.

This administration has proven to be the very antithesis of this, and as the GTL points out, there is a strong likelihood that if this should go unabated, the end result could be World War III.

So how much does a fallout shelter run these days?

Update:  Be sure to check out Cernig’s take on the issue where he decodes the neocon base’s reactions on this one.

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  1. xranger says:

    Read some interesting facts about the Revolutionary Guard; foremost, that they are a separate entity that has the ability to raise money and fund various terrorist factions, much like the Chinese army. Very different than the classic army role we are used to.

    History can evaluate and re-hash what happened in 2003 ragarding the Iraq invasion. At this point, though, we must look at the present. We are in Iraq, we are in Afghanistan, and Iran is funding terrorism throughout the Middle East.

    While I am tired of the Iraq war, I’m starting to realize that it was only a matter of time until we took out Saddam. The fundamental Islamists were rising, due to their increase in money, and they were determined to escalate their jihad against Israel and the US.

    Intsead of looking to the US invading Iran, look at them attempting to use this announcement as a way to interupt the money raised and distributed by the Revolutionary Guard. Left unchecked, the Guard will grow more bold in their funding of both the Iraqi Shiites and Hamas.


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