Man To Be Executed Not A Killer

It’s the ultimate hypothetical in the debate swirling around the usage of the death penalty in this country.  A man goes on trial and is convicted of a capital offense, eventually leading him to be sentenced to death.  Only AFTER his execution do we learn that he was in fact innocent.

The permanence of the Death Penalty is what lead many to argue against it, the timeless hypothetical situation the pervasive argument.  But in Texas, we are seeing the old hypothetical turned on its head; the state is slated to execute a man that even the prosecutors know did not commit murder.

Kenneth Foster is by no means an angel.  On the night in question, Foster had actually partaken in illegal drugs, and helped his friends commit armed robberies.  That night would end in murder, and Foster would actually be at the scene of the crime, but as everyone involved knows, including the prosecution, Foster was not the murderer.

That would be one Mauriceo Brown who was executed last year.  There is no dispute of this, and at the most Foster was aiding and abetting a murderer, but more likely he was a mere accessory; he was a party to it, but did not partake in the act.

In fact, by his account, he did commit the crimes of earlier that night, but upon the shooting of the victim began to feel uneasy, and wanted to leave, but was forced by the rest of the people in the group to stay until Brown had returned to the car so they could all leave together.

And here’s the point.  I’m not arguing that Foster is not a criminal, nor that he is innocent, but the way I understand it, the Death Penalty is reserved for only those most heinous of crimes, for the taking of another life.  Foster simply did not do this, everyone knows it, and yet he is likely to be executed despite the facts.

You guys know me by now, I have a solid record of opposing the death penalty on moral grounds, and always have, dating to back before I started writing here full time.  Even in the case of those who committed murder, I oppose the death penalty, but here, in an instance where the convicted is not even the killer?  How is that even sane?

How is this not cruel and unusual punishment?  How is this not overstepping the bounds?  How in the hell is this justice?  Yes, Foster should be serving a very very long term in prison, but where is the sense in killing this man?  I just don’t get it.  I don’t get how we as Americans stand for this?

But then, this is Texas, and we know they loves them the killin’.  In fact the current governor actually broke Bush’s record of 152 executions with his own 159.  All of which leads me to think, hello?  Is anyone in there?  If it was actually working don’t you think executions would be going down by now?  I’m just saying.

But this is all beside the point.  I have qualms with us executing anybody for any crime, still, I understand that there are those that feel that the taking of another life leaves one’s own life forfeit.  I don’t agree, but I understand.  I understand other crimes to, though I still disagree, but this goes beyond the pale.

I stand right here and right now on this very simple principle, it would be very hard for me to recognize Texas as part of our Union if this is how they mete out justice.  To this regard, if I accomplish anything in my career as a blogger, this is my goal.  I would like to see awareness of this particular subject raised to an actionable level.  Foster has until the 28th, and considering how ludicrous this situation is, I can not stand idly by.

I am calling now for assistance.  Anyone with experience with the Law, or with petitions, please email me.  This has got to stop and if we are anything but an echo chamber, then this is the exact kind of opportunity we need to take to prove it.

For those of you out there that are with me on this, please, again email me, and let’s get something done about this.  I can’t in good conscious let a man be put to death that was not himself a killer, it’s as simple as that and I know there are many of you out there that feel the same.

Let’s actually do something about it.

2 Responses to “Man To Be Executed Not A Killer”

  1. Hooman says:

    Please go to the following link and send an email to each member of the Texas Legislature asking them to help persuade Governor Perry to stop the execution of Kenneth Foster, Jr.

  2. Consider it done my friend. I’ll draft something sometime today and get it sent out as soon as I can, thanks for the info!


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