Michelle Obama… For Prez???

Occasionally I’ve read about Michelle Obama.  She apparently was not eager to engage in the public spotlight that the role of a candidate’s wife holds, but regardless, there seemed to be a consensus among those who have met her that there’s something special about that women.

I’ve heard her called charming, gracefuly, beautiful, and with wry wit probably smarter than her husband.  And still, despite personally being a Barack Obama supporter, I’ve yet to read or hear anything from her.  Thanks to Crooks and Liars, that’s changed.

This video is merely just an introduction speech Michelle delivers for her husband at a campaign stop.  You gotta admit, it’s not hard to see what all those who have met her before are talking about.

In fact, her speech is so good I’m starting to wonder why the hell she’s not in politics, forget what she wants, I want her out on the damn stump!  Sure, she’s rough around the edges, but this is a woman who’s shunned political public life as much as is possible given the circumstances.

Ah, and even if not, wouldn’t she make an awesome first lady?

2 Responses to “Michelle Obama… For Prez???”

  1. markg8 says:

    Actually I’ve seen her on CSPAN up in NH. Gives her standard stump speech starting with “Barack’s a man like any man, never throws his socks in the hamper” type of banter. Great stuff. But she was even better in the meet and greet afterward. I think she’ll be the classiest first lady we’ve had since Jackie.

  2. Yeah, I’ve caught glimpses of the old socks in the hamper routine too. Not bad for a rookie. Anyway, here’s hoping we get to find out if she is anything like Jackie come 2009

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