News Of The Day Redux

I’m hoping today is the last day I have to do these things; there’s a chance my life will return to normality on Monday, but the odds favor Tuesday.  In any case, let’s take a look at some of the headlines that will be driving the news today.

-There have been better examples of bad timing throughout history, but probably not a whole lot, and even fewer are quite as funny.  Just hours after Turncoat Joe leveled more attacks on Democrats for crticizing Iraq Prime Minister Maliki, a mysterious NIE pops up out of nowhere to prove them right.  Whatever is a Bush Shill to do?

-WaPo OpEd columnist, Jim Hoagland, calls Bush’s analogy of the Iraq War to the Vietnam war his, “I am not a crook,” or “I did not have sexual relations…” moment

-Following up on the same subject, Newsweeks Michael Hirsh delivers a fascinating article.  One that, unlike Bush’s speech, actually happens to have a grounding in real history as opposed to the revisionist kool-aid colored history of Bush and Giuliani.

Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi is announcing his retirement amid scandal.  His announcement following on the heels of other Republican retirements, helps paint a bleak picture for the GOP in the House come next year.

I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet, but then, come on, when is Jon Stewart not funny?

Congresswoman Musgrave, a Bush supporter, is “discouraged” by what she sees in Iraq.  Welcome to the club.  Though it should be said her new marriage to reality is yet to be completed; she predicts the announcement of a drawdown sometime next month.  She just hasn’t been paying much attention apparently.  Granted, there is a possibility, but if a drawdown is announced, I would bet it is because we’re “winning.”

-Finally, Rudy hires a media team.  A dirty media team.  Okay, okay, I know that’s not particularly new, but what if I told you it was a team that likes to tiptoe along the boundaries of race bating?

Our blogger friends:

-Fester sent me rolling on the floor with this one.  “[T]he supply of greater fools has peaked and depletion of the global fool reserve is happening at a rapid rate.”

-Over at The Stencil, they’re STILL trying to conflate Iraq with 9/11.

-GTL’s a little miffed and it’s pretty easy to understand why.  A thirteen year old draws a pistol AT SCHOOL and all he gets is a three day suspension.  Where I come from, that three day suspension is filled with ass whoopin’s galore. (note: for clarification, when I write “draw” that is to say with a pencil and paper.  In truth this whole thing makes my head hurt a little, and you have a good ol’ time trying to figure out the difference between sarcasm and sincerity on this one)

NOTE: Fans of my weekly Hell report I’m sorry to say will have to forgo this week’s installment.  I will return to writing the weekly Report From Hell next Friday.

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