Obama On Katrina; Not Just Talk

I still remember when whispers first hit that Barack Obama might run for president.  There were some good things said, of course, and some pretty nasty things.  One of the recurring themes that fit in the nasty column would have to be the “Let’s make him the Democratic Nominee because he can give a good speech,” theme.

Of course, that’s what politicians do, give good speeches and smile pretty for the camera.  But what seperates the real deals from the phonies isn’t how they act on camera, it’s what they do when the cameras stop rolling.

According to the Think On These Things blog, at least when it comes to Katrina, Barack Obama has been busy off camera as well as on.  Despite representing a state nowhere near the landfall of hurricane Katrina, it would seem as though the young and “inexperienced” senator took the hit personally, and made it a personal goal to use his position in the senate to do what he could for the people who had fallen victim to the aftermath of the deadly storm.

Meanwhile, President Bush is up in DC threatening to veto vital funding for the region, and out of state real estate sharks are reaping the benefits that should be going towards the victims of the tragedy, not Californian investors.

But, you know, Obama’s inexperienced and wouldn’t know about this kind of thing, would he?

(h/t: to Positively Barack 2008)

One Response to “Obama On Katrina; Not Just Talk”

  1. concerned says:

    And what exactly has Obama been doing about or for the victims of Katrina?


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