Republicans Walk Out On Procedural Matter

In what Politico calls an “unprecedented low”, Republicans late last night walked out of the chamber in the midst of a incredibly close vote partially tied to illegal immigration.

The vote was gaveled closed by Rep. McNulty whith the results still in dispute. Republicans say they had an extremely narrow lead of 215 to 213, while Democratic leadership called it at a tie. Amid vast protest, there was even talk of reopening the vote, but the already incensed Republicans staged a walk out.

But Politico gets it wrong in one aspect. This isn’t unprecedented. Indeed, there’s plenty of precedent, for instance, back in the summer of ’05, Republicans stormed out after Democrats wanted to actually, you know, debate the Patriot act. And again, this time only in committee, Republican members staged a mini walkout over voting machines.

Because this is incredibly mature behavior of our elected officials. Not that Democrats are above criticism here, gavelling a measure closed before the voting results is clear is not a good thing, but from the sounds of it, Dems were moving to rectify the situation. Walking out, on the other hand, is something even my three-year-old knows better than.

This is what they do. For as long as I can remember the Republicans play the role of the ultimate victim. They have duped millions of Americans into thinking they are fighting an evil, imperialistic, liberal cloud of despair. They employ dirty trick after dirty trick, but the moment anything, even honest mistakes, are leveled upon them, they all of a sudden are the damsel in distress.

They are the political equivalent, in short, of Dennis Rodman.

The only thing I really wanna know is if Rep. Boehner cried again, wouldn’t that be fun?

(note: Big thanks to Democratic Underground for posting this piece there)

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