Romney’s Role Model

They say that this early in the presidential election anything can happen, and most mistakes can be recovered from. I tend to agree with this, but still there are certain gaffes that, even this early on, aren’t recoverable.

These gaffes could include saying you openly support killing Social Security, or saying you want to bring back lynchings. Also, it may not be wise to cite a terrorist group as a role model for the US to follow.

In this light, it’s more than reasonable to assume that Mitt Romney’s presidential aspirations just got considerably dimmer:

In remarks caught on camera by C-SPAN, Romney stated, “Did you notice in Lebanon what Hezbollah did? Lebanon became a democracy some time ago, and while their government was getting under way, Hezbollah went into southern Lebanon and provided health clinics to some of the people there, and schools.

“And they (Hezbollah) built their support there by having done so. That kind of diplomacy is something that would help America become stronger around the world and help people understand that our interest is an interest towards modernity and goodness and freedom for all people in the world. And so, I want to see America carry out that kind of health diplomacy.”

If for no other reason, this is a great example of why Mitt Romney should be allowed nowhere near the Oval Office, not even on a tour. What should have happened was a little switch should have flicked on in his brain triggering a little voice that should have said, “Stop now, you’re about to say and do something incredibly stupid.” But Mitt’s switch is defective, apparently, and no one without a fully functioning idiocy prevention switch should be allowed to inhabit the White House. Bush is proof positive of that.

As for Romney’s beloved Hezbollah Heroes:

WND reported Hezbollah’s Youth Scouts, part of the group’s social welfare network cited by Romney, instructs tens of thousands of children and teenagers in military tactics and indoctrinates them with radical Shiite Islam beliefs, according to materials found by Israel during last month’s war in Lebanon.

Ooh… right… We’ll get right on the Hezbollah worship Mitt. Just as soon as your thoughts reduce my brain to a volume of quivering slush. Interestingly enough, per Little Green Footballs (h/t memeorandum), Romney’s camp offered the following response:


“Governor Romney believes that bloodthirsty terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas have smothered the progress of the people and nations where they have built their networks, Lebanon serving as an example. These terror organizations cannot and should not be allowed to gain an advantage with the citizenry in Muslim nations just because they mask their terror agenda with an offering of some vital services. America can make great progress and provide more stability by creating partnerships with moderate Muslim governments to perfect the institutions of democracy and showcase the wonders and benefits of American democracy, such as our healthcare technology, educational institutions and free market commerce.

“By working with moderate Muslims to break down and defeat terror organizations like Hezbollah militarily, we can then turn to a new ‘Marshall Plan’ approach that strengthens the foundations of freedom and prosperity in burgeoning Middle East democracies.”

– Romney Press Secretary Kevin Madden

Normally when politicians respond our put out defenses or corrections, they usually do so in the context of their earlier comments. But instead, Romney engages in a full on political Crazy Ivan in a last ditch hope that no one will remember that just a little bit earlier the organization he said needed to be defeated was a role model that the US needed to follow.

Unfortunately Mitt, I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

And we’re the ones who aid and abet terrorists.

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