Rudy’s Non Health Care Plan

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…

Gee, I’m sure gonna miss you when you lose your bid for the presidential election. I really am. You do brighten my day so, filling it as you do with so much humor and absurdity. In fact, I think when President Obama or President Clinton take the White House the first thing they should do is create a whole new cabinet, the cabinet of comedy, and apoint you at its head.

The big news coming out of Camp Rudy is… wait for it… not really a plan at all. Instead it essentially is a tax cut, with no mandate to get health care, with no ensurance that health care will be given, and without even any plan to pay for the plan.

The “plan” from the “Mayor” would be to provide up to 15000 dollars in tax credits so that individual families could pay for their own healthcare, this of course is assuming they have jobs, and that they are not driven so deeply in debt by an economy that is geared towards making the rich richer and not much else.

With the “surplus” that citizens might have after purchasing their health care plan, they can invest that money in, get this, a private “health care savings account.” That sounds familiar… Where did I hear something like that from? OH! That’s right, Bush’s failed attempt to privatize Social Security and the usage of personal savings accounts. I knew I heard it before.

Rudy? If America thought Bush’s plan for Social Security was a bad one for Social Security, what makes you think we’ll all of a sudden hop on board if you simply just try to apply it to health care?

The other part of Rudy’s “plan” apparently seems to be to bemoan at every opportunity the evils of “socialized medicine”, the entire time neglecting to mention that his plan really wouldn’t help much at all:

Mr. Giuliani said that it could take as long as four years for any of the
proposals suggested by the Democrats to become reality and that his plan would
begin to have an impact more rapidly.

Mr. Giuliani, who is not seeking any changes in the current Medicaid
program for the poor, did not promise that all the uninsured would be covered
under his proposal.

He was also not specific about a federal government role in helping the
poor or lower middle class buy their own insurance, saying he envisioned some
combination of vouchers and tax refunds.

The ideas he outlined, steeped in a bedrock conservative faith in the
ability of the free, unfettered market to solve problems, are similar to those
advocated by President Bush.

The president’s proposals have failed to gain traction and Mr. Giuliani did
not try to address the central criticisms of moving away from an employer-based

Wow… Just like social security. No actual way to make anything better, just another way to hook up corporate backers. Much like his “tamper proof ID cards” without which any immigration proposal is worthless, here to there is all smoke and no fire. Rudy here is being just like Rudy which is essentially Bush with a muted New York accent.

But have fun calling us evil Rudy. I never get tired of that.

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