Slow Motion Political Theater

The much anticipated September progress report is still weeks away, and yet it has already started skirmishes up in the nation’s capitol.  The latest volley having specifically to do with who would be delivering the report, the White House hoping to employ the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, ostensibly to minimize the exposure of General Patraeus to both congress and to the public forum.

Personally, I’m getting more than a little impatient with all this.

The fact is, we already know how this story is going to end.  We know Patreaus has already been out there saying that there’s been some military improvement.  We know that Bush is going to spin Patreaus’ report to the maximum extent possible.  We’re talking, even if the General comes back and says, “It’s a lost cause, sir,” Bush is of the ilk where he’ll turn around and say, “We’re making progress, and need more time.”

It’s predictable and tiresome and at this point I just want to know when can it all be over.  There would be validity in having a progress report at a set time if the results were not going to be predetermined, but that’s just not the case, particularly when we learn that the report in general will be coming not from General Patreaus, but from the White House with the General’s “input”.

How positively, woefully silly.

What’s more, this is the report that is grabbing all the press when in truth, the one that really matters is the one to be released by the Government Accountability Office which is set to report on political reconciliation efforts in Iraq come September first.

That’s what really matters for without political progress, military progress does little in the long term future and stability of Iraq.

Instead we’re forced to wait out this entire slow political theater that will undoubtedly end with Bush making a case for war until he is removed from office.  This despite any and all evidence to the contrary.

Let’s just get it over with, shall we?

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