Some Legacy; Rove Resigns

A part of me, a very large part of me mind you, wants to strip off all of my clothes and go singing and dancing through the streets, “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!”   Though there is a more reserved part of me that feels as though this is inappropriate somehow.  Perhaps it’s taking such sheer joy at the end of the career of a rival so hated, so vile, so disgusting…  No, dancing and singing is fine there.

Oh, right, the naked part.  Yeah, that would be the inappropriate bit.

Considering I’m not much of a singer nor a dancer, I will simply just revel in the glow at the news that come the end of this month, Karl Rove will retire.  Man, that feels good, just kinda slips off the fingertips…  Karl Rove is retiring.  MMMmmmm… It’s like having hot fine oils rubbed down your…

Oh… um… sorry.

Hatred is rarely a good thing, but it is sometimes deserved, and in the case of the current administration it is pretty easy to change that “sometimes” to often.  In honor of the extremely good news of Karl Rove’s retirement, I think it’s fitting to take a look at some of the contributions he has made over his career, contributions that have helped mold the political discourse so many Americans despise today.

-As a burgeoning young GOP attack dog wannabe, pre college Rove stole the letter head of the Democratic candidate for Illinois State Treasurer and printed out a flier promising, “Free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing.”  He then distributed these fliers to rock concerts and homeless shelters in order to disrupt a campaign rally.

-Back in the 80’s, during a race for the Alabama Supreme Court, Mark Kennedy was running heavily on his reputation of aiding and championing the cause and rights of victimized and abused children.  Karl Rove sought to paint Kennedy as a pedophile.

-Rove, prior to his role as the “Architect” in both of George W. Bush’s presidential elections had also bugged his own office on the day of a vital debate in order to make it look as though the opposition had done it.

-As part of Bush’s gubernatorial bid, Rove employed what was quickly becoming one of his most potent weapons, the whisper campaign, to paint the incumbent, Ann Richards, as a lesbian.

-South Carolina, 2000.  The race between John McCain and George W. Bush was rough, that is until hordes of South Carolinian Republican primary voters were asked this question in a particularly nasty push poll:  “Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for John McCain for president if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?”

I say particularly nasty because the push poll was granted a modicum of validity due to the fact that McCain and his wife had actually adopted a dark skinned Bangladeshi girl, Bridget.

Since then what have we seen? We’ve seen “Run on the War,” we’ve seen Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, we’ve seen Rove looking ridiculous in hunting gear.  We’ve seen Valerie Plame, and US Attorneys dismissed for political reasons.  We’ve seen every attempt at reasoned debate turned into a referendum on Democrats and liberals on how unpatriotic they were, or how anti-military we were, or how much we wanted to hand the country over to terrorists.

We’ve seen Kerry’s campaign get tagged as wanting to ban the bible and legalize gay marriage, and we’ve seen the Democratic candidate lambasted for “outing Mary Cheney” while on the very same night Bush get away with lying about whether he ever said he didn’t think much about Osama bin Laden.

We’ve seen this country polarize itself disastrously in the political sphere only a handful of years after we were the most united we had been in recent history; the coming together of a nation after a horrendous tragedy that marred the New York skyline, scarred the Pentagon, and saw the death of over three thousand American citizens.

If anything, Rove has been the champion of politics of destruction and division, and the seeds he has sewn have done little but to drive our country downward.  He leaves behind him a legacy of hate and lies and misdirection, and through his “slash and burn” style of politics, it is possible that he has tainted the political discourse in this country for years to come.

While I often hold people in disdain for their actions, for the most part, I limit that disdain to their actions, and recognize that all people err.  Only for a very small few does my hate penetrate to the man.  Rove is one of these.

As he prepares to leave the White House, one can only hope.  One can only hope that as his greatest political success, the making of a president, has turned into a catastrophic failure, the private sector will see this failure, and reward him thusly.

He exits the stage as a winner, but only just.  His dreams of a Republican ran government for decades to come has already been dashed by the winning back of the Democratic majority.  His politics of division are already showing that they are beginning to ebb; a key moment of this occurring in the fall of 2005 in notoriously conservative Virginia where Democratic candidate Tim Kaine beat out the socially conservative, anti-tax, mud slinging Jerry Kilgore.

We see hope elsewhere, in the meteoric rise of Senator Barack Obama who touts the very opposite of Rovian politics, and even the entire Democratic field who are leading the way in substantive debate vice the old Rovian standbys displayed by Republican candidates like Rudy Giuliani who with no candor or respect for his own recent history has taken to the very fear tactics that Rove excelled in.

No, we’re not out of the woods yet.  There’s still a lot of question marks to be resolved out there, many of which surrounding the idea of whether Democrats are ready to stand up and lead or not.  But one thing is certain, the absence of Karl Rove from the political sphere is an opportunity of hope, an opportunity that we can eschew his tactics and slowly reconstruct the nation’s political debate.

Finally, as for the man himself.  Bush, many believe, will be judged very harshly by history.  Even historians are already willing to line up and say he will be seen as one of the worst presidents in our history.

What fate can history hold for the man who made the worst president in history?

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4 Responses to “Some Legacy; Rove Resigns”

  1. xranger says:

    One side of me says you’re jealous that Rove was better at politics than your side. An ugly business at best.

    The other side of me says that Rove was good at getting a candidate elected, but horrible in the day-to-day of advising a governing body. He had worn out his usefulness long ago, and I felt for some time now that you guys could have Rove – it didn’t matter to me.

    All the hearings, all the smeer, and nothing was accomplished by the Dems. Rove wins by resigning on his own.

  2. All the hearings, all the smeer, and nothing was accomplished by the Dems. Rove wins by resigning on his own.

    Kyle will corroborate the fact that this is the same thing I said to him not an hour ago.

  3. yeah he did. And I’m not looking at this as a victory for democrats, I’m looking at it as a much needed bit of first aid for our political discourse really. i don’t care how he’s gone, he’s just gone.

    And good riddance!

  4. Macswain says:

    All the hearings, all the smeer, and nothing was accomplished by the Dems.

    dranger conveniently ignores – as does the liberal media – the record number of filibusters played by the Repugs that have turned the Senate into a supermajority body on virtually every bill.

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