Something Light For A Saturday Night: Dynamic Duos

Well, we still have company in town so I’m going to get today’s something light post out of the way early today while most everyone (except children of course) is still sleeping. But before we get to the music, I did want to say a few things about this week.

The big thing, at least for me, is as of Tuesday my life reaches normalcy. I’ll be back on my normal schedule which means lots of coverage from me as is the norm. Also, I should have an interview with Category 5 coauthor Judith Howard to post this week, as well as another book review on a very important Supreme Court case in our history.

Also we’re going to take an even MORE in depth look on conventional wisdom and why it’s putting the Democratic Party on a disadvantage, and we’re going to check in on the status of Kenneth Foster Jr. no later than Tuesday. On top of that, Mike and I may have an interesting new feature to introduce in the very near term, as well as a new writing addition to our humble little home here on the internets.

In other words, it’s looking like it’s going to be an exciting week here at Comments. And now, the music:

Todays first selection I had actually seen a while ago and meant to post it up there solely for Mike’s benefit. Then I forgot… then I forgot again… These things, I’m not so good at. Okay, I gotta admit, not having cable, I don’t know much of the Flight of the Concords other than the darker haired guy used to do Outback Steakhouse commercials and Mike posted a couple of their videos a while ago.

And then I happened upon this offering. How could I resist?

Okay, the next one I wanted to post a long time ago when it was still new and fresh. It doesn’t matter! It still rocks. You have to love Jack and Meg White. Jack’s so Rock and Roll, and Meg’s hot (not the best drummer in the world, but…) Still, I knew when I first heard the following track, just like so many other White Stripe songs, guitarists all around the country were immediately going, “Holy shit I need to learn that riff!” Which, now that I think about it, holy shit, I still really need to learn that riff. Need a tab. If anyone has a tab of this, I’d much appreciate it.

Plus, look for a little backhanded immigration opinionating here as well. I present Icky Thump.

And that does it for me today. Take care of yourselves, and hopefully I’ll be back on track come Tuesday.

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