Sunni Bloc Quits Maliki’s Government

I wonder if when Bush and McCain and Rudy Giuliani and all of their apologists and cheerleaders consider this moving in the right direction on Iraq.

At a time when it is slowly starting to creep into the US public consciousness that the solution to the problems in Iraq can only be found through political and diplomatic means, it is highly disturbing to learn that a large Sunni bloc has just decided to quit the Iraqi government after Maliki has failed to come through on demands put forth to him a week ago.

This is, needless to say, not the best news. Sure, it’s only forty votes in the parliament, but those forty votes represent the Sunni minority, and if they have chosen not to be represented through political means, how, exactly do you think they are going to chose to represent themselves?

If you’ve guessed through more violence, then congratulations, you’re a winner. This all goes to help prove the point that we on the left have been trying to make for what seems like forever now; all the military solutions in the world will not work if the Iraqi’s themselves do not come together on their own and work things out politically.

Not that the military aspect is quite as rosy as the administration and its mouthpieces are painting it either. Reports and headlines have touted that July has seen the least amount of US Soldier deaths in eight months, but how accurate of a metric is that?

I think it interesting to note that the article linked to above also points out that while this is the quietest month for our soldiers over there this year, it’s also the deadliest July we’ve seen since the inception of the war.

In an onrunning dialogue I have with Iraqslogger columnist Tracey Caldwell, one thing she has mentioned about her son who is stationed over there is that lately they’ve been spending all of their time “behind the wire”, one of the reasons being that it’s just too damn hot to be fighting a war right now, pointing to a flaw in the logic of Iraq War supporters that things are looking up. If traditionally July is a calm month, wouldn’t twenty US deaths over the previous high be bad news instead of good?

So here’s my request. Before people start tossing around epithets like defeatist and cut-and-runner, can you do me a favor and take your rose colored glasses off and put your kool-aid down for three minutes before spouting off at the mouth?

Thank you.

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